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Home Careers: Ideal for Seniors and Older Workers

We've all heard the expression, 'over the hill'. Kind of funny, unless of course it's you who's reached mid-life and just got passed over for that job you'd been hoping for!

It's called ageism - society's prejudice against older adults - and it's the sad reality faced by people even as young as forty. Yes folks, youth is what our culture seems to value most, not the experience and wisdom that a mature worker can offer.

Work at Home Careers Can Mean Equal Opportunity

Rather than face the frustration and rejection of job-hunting when you're of a 'certain age', why not consider one of the many work at home careers? Here are some reasons:

Time is precious - why waste it doing something you don't love? No more exhausting daily commutes in heavy traffic No more job interviews that feel like cattle calls where you're left to feel like the old grey mare! Why waste your time trying to convince someone half your age that you can do the job when you know darn well he's made up his mind you're too old. Are you tired of co-workers and bosses dismissing your ideas because they think you're 'old fashioned' or 'out of touch' with popular culture? Once you make the commitment to work at home, the number of careers that open up to you are almost limitless. The key is doing the research and finding one that works for you and your lifestyle.

Certainly some work at home careers are better suited than others to the older worker. Consider business opportunities that offer the following:

Online or telephone sales or customer service No needless and tiring commutes to far away business locations Flexible hours so that you can take care of ageing parents or even a spouse no heavy lifting, packing or shipping Some companies may offer health and drug plans After you've chosen a business that is a good match for you and the wealth of knowledge you can offer, then it will be about who you are, not how old you are.

Satisfied clients will always appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge that mature adults can bring to their work at home careers.

About the Author
Mary Maplegate is a freelance writer, working from her home in Ontario, Canada. She is a contributing writer to <a target="_new" href="http://www.workfromhomeplanet.com">Work From Home Planet(http://www.workfromhomeplanet.com) as well as numerous other online sites and offline publications.



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