5 Ideal Holidays in the UK for Wildlife Lovers
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5 Ideal Holidays in the UK
for Wildlife Lovers



Holidays in the UK offering the chance to see wildlife are surprisingly plentiful ranging from butterflies, beavers, birds of prey, and even whales being just a few of the fascinating wildlife holidaymakers can encounter. Here we showcase five exciting holiday destinations in the UK for people who love their wildlife:


1. Lundy Island:

Lundy is an island located in the British Channel and is known for its interesting array of wildlife. Visitors can see exotic birds, mysterious sharks, wild sheep or mesmerizing seals. Whales have been spotted off the island and snorkelling safaris are a popular activity whilst visiting the island. It is an excellent place to view enchanting wildlife.


2. St. David's:

Located in Wales, this remarkable city will allow visitors to explore fascinating marine life. Individuals will have the opportunity to see whales, dolphins and porpoises. Guests can be treated to a dolphin or whale watching tours, and visitors love to witness these amazing creatures of the sea. Guided walks are available, and tourists will see dolphins, porpoises, basking sharks, Atlantic grey seals and leatherback turtles along with a beautiful array of birds.


3. Nottingham Attenborough Nature Reserve:

Situated southwest of Nottingham, this reserve is home to numerous birds and other types of wildlife. The reserve consists of lakes, wetland, grassland and shrubs. It lies where the River Erewash and the Trent converges, and it covers 145 hectares. Individuals will see duck, geese, woodpeckers and more. The reserve is situated around gravel pits which draws diverse wildlife to the area. While visiting the centre, guests can hike, bike and explore the region. A visitor's centre is also located at the site that offers educational information.


4. Farne Islands:

Located in Northcumberland, these islands contain almost 25 species of seabirds. Visitors will want to take pictures to capture these interesting creatures. The area is also home to puffins, terns and fulmar. Rabbits have also been seen on the islands. Tourists can take a boat trip and view Atlantic grey seals and their pups. The birds will be roosting from May to July; therefore visitors can marvel at the thousands of birds resting on their perch.


5. Canal boat hire in the Midlands:

Hiring a canal boat for a week or fortnight holiday is a relaxing and peaceful experience. Guests can explore the tranquil waterways of England, and they can see some intriguing wildlife along the way. The countryside landscape is breathtaking so visitors will get the opportunity to see the best of the English countryside. The abundant wildlife on the canals and surrounding countryside include squirrels, otters, water voles, bats, fish, frogs, swans, ducks and kingfishers. Whilst passing by farmland you may also be lucky enough to see some of Britain's many birds of prey including buzzards, kestrels and sparrow hawks so the perfect holiday for bird watchers.


Holidaymakers who love wildlife will be captivated and inspired by the wildlife on offer in the UK. Just remember to bring your waterproofs, binoculars and camera!






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