Wild oregano oil benefits
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Wild oregano oil benefits




Oregano is the herb which is generally used as flavor for pizza, grilled meats, pasta, etc. So oregano is the widely used herb around the world. But its use doesn’t stop with flavor and taste. This herb is also been approved for the usage of oregano oil extract and benefits associated with the extracted oil.




Wild oregano plant was originally grow in mountains exists in Italy and Greece. Sometimes marjoram another type of oregano species is confused with the wild oregano. Wild oregano is another type of oregano species which is referred as 'Origanum vulgare'. Wild oregano plant is also called as perennial plant which grows up to 80 cm height. It leaves contains pungent flavor and fragrance. And, the flower it produces is smaller and exists in the color of pink, purple and white. Flower of oregano plant is also used in food preparation for its taste. Even leaves of the oregano plant are good in taste and are suitable to use in food.




Before the oregano usage in pizza, it has been well known for its health benefits. In ancient times, well known Greek physician named as Hippocrates invented the medical properties of oregano. And in invention it is proved as a remedy for many health problems such as respiratory problems, stomach pain, etc.




Around the period of 15th century, Austrian physician named Paracelsus invented some more use of oregano oil including the treatment for skin infections, vomiting and diarrhea. But today oregano oil research has proved many health benefits and millions of people around the world have started to use oregano oil to attain its medicinal value. Oil can be extracted from the leaves of flowered oregano plant and leaves must be plucked only when the herb reaches its highest essential oil concentration. Key ingredient in wild oregano oil is carvacrol and good extracted oil must contain somewhere between seventy five to eighty five percent of carvacrol.




There are various wild oregano oil benefits and some of them are mentioned below:




  • Wild oregano oil benefits plays major role in fungal infection remedy. With the usage of oregano oil, fungal infections of both skin and blood can be eliminated.Also the mrsa bug.
  • Another important wild oregano oil benefits is the oil usage against allergies and sinusitis.
  • Wild oregano oil benefits also include its external usage against snake and insect bites.
  • Wild oregano oil is packed with numerous minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium.
  • Other important wild oregano oil benefits are its antioxidant property which enhances digestive system and bladder infections.
  • Another major wild oregano oil benefits include the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics possessed by the oil.
  • It can also be used as external remedy for fungal ailments.




 Wild oregano oil is also popular for its use in eliminating the flu and seasonal cold. Oregano oil is a strong substance, so we need to dilute it with some olive oil before usage. Instead of trusting the commercial-produced oil, we can make use of the home prepared oil for better performance.







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