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Health advice online


The following is a summary of the findings from researchers and scientists over recent times to improve your health:


Health supplements 'could cause cancer'

Eating blueberries and strawberries may stave off mental decline in later life

Avocados 'can help keep you young'

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

An aspirin every day 'cuts cancer death risk by 37%

A cup of Earl Grey to keep the doctor away

Diet soft drinks increase risks of strokes and heart attacks

Sniffing rosemary could boost your brain power

Eating oranges and grapefruit can cut the risk of a stroke

Eating a curry once a week could stave off dementia

Positive thinking lengthens life

Drinking red wine prolongs life.

Eat potatoes as they have more nutrients than traditional 'superfoods'.

Apples, onions and green tea can help beat blood clots


A regular cup of coffee could help you live longer


Less than 6 hrs sleep significantly increases risk of stroke


Tomatoes 'help keep skin young' and protect against sunburn


A traditional herbal tea may hold the key to fighting breast cancer


Here is a summary of foods and drink that you should make sure is on your shopping list for a healthier life...



Earl Grey
Curry foods
Red Wine
Green tea
Traditional herbal tea



More to follow!..Keep smiling



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Health advice

Best to know Tips

NHS Best Treatment advice




Find out which treatments really work. The health information comes from the British Medical Journal's worldwide survey of the best, most up-to-date medical research, used by doctors everywhere.



National Health Service


Find your nearest doctor, dentist, hospital and other local services.



Patient UK


health advice



Comprehensive medical source of health,wellbeing and disease information. Ideal senior health care resource.








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