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Mabels - Tips and things ….ISAs & security

Just a few days left to 'use it or lose it' -

Yes, A FINAL REMINDER that there are only few days left
of this financial year, which ends on 5 April, to invest up to £3000 in a tax-free cash mini Isa.

When you open an account (due to the money laundering rules) your Bank or Building Society will need proof of identity, eg passport, driving licence, etc., and proof of address, eg utility bill, bank statement, etc.

AND whilst on the subject of money and all the recent publicity regarding criminals who are stealing our identities and money (so please do not give the criminals a gift of your personal and financial details by casually tossing them into the refuse or recycling bin) I was proudly showing my friend my new cross-cutting shredder, when she told me of her own brilliant security measure . . .

She puts all her obsolete personal documents, bank statements, etc., into a bowl of water together with a small amount of detergent (which helps to erase the print), leaves to soak and then squeezes the sodden paper into balls, which dry solid. These can then be safely thrown away or you could do as she did - she used some of these balls to supplement the logs on her fire and also her grandchildren had an enjoyable time painting some for use as Christmas decorations.

I thought this was a brilliant yet simple money-saving idea to beat the identity thieves, particularly for those of us who are short of storage space and have difficulty in finding a location for a shredder.


Do let the rest of our 'on-liners' know if you have any similar brilliant ideas!

By the way … anyone want to buy a second-hand shredder?

Although, on second thoughts, it has been useful, and, surprisingly, the shreddings can be used successfully in the compost heap/bin.
Funny! …they always say "where there's muck there's money", but in this particular instance "where there's 'money' shreddings there's muck"
And very useful it is too . . . but that comes later under the gardening tips . . .


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