Take care of your loved ones
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Take care of your loved ones



When you reach a mature age, you are unfortunately more likely to suffer more serious injuries as a result of trips, falls, cuts and other misfortunes. A trip that would, at one time, have caused only a bruise may cause a broken leg or even something as serious as a broken hip. When you reach a mature age, your body takes longer to heal, leaving you out of action for longer and leaving you open to the risk of complications. In addition, you are more likely to be in a responsible position, perhaps taking care of grandchildren.


Health and safety training


Health and safety training can help to prevent accidents at home, at work, or indeed wherever else you might find yourself. Therefore by having some kind of health and safety training, you can reduce the risk of injuries and illness, both to yourself and others. For example, health and safety training can teach you how to ensure that your home is safe and hazard free, both for yourself and anyone that visits. It can also teach you how to prevent the spread of illness and infection by improving hygiene, and techniques on how to keep your home free of germs.


Detect the hazards


It is not just obvious hazards that pose a risk to children. Stray cables and loose carpets are obvious, however often the hazards that you might not notice can be the most dangerous. Health and safety training can teach you to look out for these hazards and inform you on how to make your home a safe and comfortable place for both you and your children, and any grandchildren. Keeping dangerous items out of reach is very important, and child gates can be very effective in keeping children away from danger. In addition, smoke detectors, knob covers and plug socket covers can help to keep children safe. Many companies offer health and safety audits, which can be invaluable in helping to identify the risks in your home or workplace.


Be prepared


As you will know if you have children or grandchildren, children are always in the wars. From grazes and bruises to more serious burns and scalds, to high temperatures and choking. It is important to always be prepared when there are children around, and a little knowledge of first aid can go a long way in an emergency situation. If you know basic first aid, your loved ones will be protected, as no matter what happens you will have the knowledge to cope with the situation and limit their injuries as much as possible. For example, if a burn is treated quickly and correctly with cool water and cling film, it is much less likely to become infected and develop into a more serious problem. Also, if for some reason your child or grandchild is unable to breathe, knowing how to open their airway and administer CPR could be the difference between life and death.


Your first aid skills can come in handy when you least expect it. Of course, they could come in handy when you are caring for your child or grandchild, however, they could also help others if you come across somebody in trouble while you are out at the supermarket, or at work.






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