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Survey conducted by Efamol Active 50+, which reveals a generation of 50+ Britons who given the choice would shun more traditional past times such as reading and walking in favour of more ambitious activities such as horse riding and motorsport. This dramatic change of heart could be because 60% of respondents now feel younger than their age, which they claim is down to youthful looks, feeling sharp and alert and being fit and healthy. However health was the biggest concern for over 50s compared to money and relationship worries when they were in their 20s.

Forget the more traditional sporting pursuits � over 50s Britons would rather be taking to the reins, according to a new survey by the Omega 3 fish oil supplement, Efalex Active 50+.

The survey of 2,000 fifty plus Brits revealed a desire to be the equestrian world�s latest Mary King or William Fox-Pitt among the challenging list of past times they�d most like to take up.

Britons also feel the need for speed, with motorsport riding high in the over 50s wish list, while 50 plus adrenaline junkies are obviously on the rise, with sports such as snowboarding, wind surfing and hang gliding making an appearance in the top 10:

Horse riding (14%)
Motorsport (12%)
Swimming (10%)
Gym (10%)
Sailing (9%)
Tennis (9%)
Hiking (8%)
Snow boarding (7%)
Wind surfing (7%)
Hang gliding (7%)

And there has never been a better time to turn fifty - the new generation are not only feeling fitter than they feel their parents did when they turned the landmark age, but they also hail the following as the top five perks of being a nifty fifty something:

1. Youthful looks (40%)

2. Feeling sharp and alert (30%)

3. Feeling fit and healthy (28%)

4. Doing more with their lives than ever before (25%)

5. Feeling full of energy (21%)

Although the over fifties really are young at heart - with almost 60% celebrating the fact that they feel younger than their age - the majority ranked health (33%) as their biggest worry compared to only 5% in the 20s. Money (24%) and family (19%) worries came second and third amongst the over 50s, whilst relationship (26%) and money (27%) worries ranked highest in their 20s.

Nancy Morse, Senior Scientific Officer for Efalex Active 50+ comments: �With over 50s increasingly worrying about their health, but having more free time than ever before to pursue health boosting hobbies such as swimming and sailing, it is all the more important that they take charge of their physical and mental wellbeing and keep brains healthy through the best exercise and nutrition.�

In combination with a good diet and gentle exercise regime, Efalex Active 50+ can provide the perfect answer. The first fish oil supplement to be developed specifically for the over 50�s, Efalex Active 50+ contains a unique combination of ingredients, including high quality fish oils, ginkgo biloba, vitamin B12 and folic acid, all known for their beneficial role in maintaining healthy brain function and performance.

Efamol�s Efalex Active 50+ is available from Boots, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett priced �9.49 for 30 capsules. Efamol�s scientifically proven omega-3 and omega-6 based supplements offer brain nutrition for the entire family. For further information visit www.efamol.com or call 0870 6060128.

Additional information:

Fish oils provide omega-3 nutrients which are the building blocks of the brain. DHA is a natural component of fish oil and because our brains comprise approximately 60% fat, they need a good supply of this vital nutrient. We currently consume less than half the suggested daily intake of DHA and research has shown that people with lower than normal levels of DHA have a greater tendency to experience memory problems as they age.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is another structural component of our brains which depletes as we grow older. This may hinder the way messages are passed between nerve cells, because PS is the substance that holds cell membranes in their proper position to receive nerve impulses travelling between cells. Clinical studies show that supplementation can substantially improve memory, learning, concentration, word skills and mood.

Ginkgo biloba is an herbal ingredient believed to help maintain memory in the short term. It has been tested in relation to various types of dementia and results show that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease in normal elderly women.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid work together to ensure a healthy supply of blood to the brain which in turn provides the brain with oxygen and essential nutrients. Research shows that healthy ageing women have achieved improvements in memory, reasoning, verbal ability and mood through supplementation.



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