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5 supplements that can improve the health of your bones and joints


Vitamin D


The main role of Vitamin D in your body is to absorb Calcium, which is vital in the development and 'upkeep' of strong and healthy bones. Humans naturally produce Calcium in the skin, as a result of the reaction from ultraviolet light - which we get from the Sun's rays - and also in small amounts from food. Unfortunately some people, especially the elderly, do not produce sufficient amounts of Vitamin - which can in serious cases lead to osteoporosis. Taking regular Vitamin D supplements will improve your bodies' ability to absorb calcium and therefore ensure healthier bones.




Like Vitamin D, Glucosamine exists naturally, as a sugar that is produced in the body from glucose and is used in the repair and general maintenance of the cartilage in your joints. One of the most beneficial roles of Glucosamine, which can taken in the form of Glucosamine tablets, is its ability to reduce the inflammation of joints that have either been injured or effected by the onset of diseases such as arthritis - which will in turn relieve pain and increase the effected area's movement.




Alongside building and maintaining healthy bones as was mentioned earlier, Calcium is essential for other bodily functions, such as regulating your heartbeat, conducting nerve impulses and clotting blood. Everyday you lose this precious calcium, through you hair, nails, urine and sweat and this is calcium that needs to replaced, which is normally done through the foods you eat. Studies have shown that some people consume as little as half the amount of calcium per day as is needed by their body, which is why for so many people calcium supplements are the answer to topping it back up.




Magnesium is a an excellent mineral to take if you are also taking Calcium supplements, as it helps the body to regulate the level of calcium absorbed by your body. This combination of supplements will prevent the calcium being stored in your kidneys or arteries where it could actually be harmful.


Devil's Claw


Whilst its name hardly suggests a supplement that would be beneficial to your health, Devil's Claw can be used to aid the treatment of a number of different conditions and calm the effects of some diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Devil's claw is actually a plant extract that is native to southern Africa, which takes its name from the small hooks that are characteristic of the plant's fruit. Like Glucosamine as mentioned earlier, devil's claw really comes into its own when used to treat conditions that cause inflammation, such as osteoarthritis and tendonitis.








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