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Latest top retirement news....

All the latest over 50's news from the top news rooms
Over 50's news
Over 50's latest news and updates
over 50s news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news

Read today's retirement news from the Guardian  

Planning for Your Retirement and Children's Future more


Older people forced to sell homes to pay for retirement more


Top retirement and pension tips in a nutshell for a wealthier retirement more


FirstStop warns that selling your home may not be enough to fund care more


Millions gamble on their retirement. more


More Than A Third Will Put Their Retirement Dreams On Hold In 2011 more


Tories' plan to bring forward the increase to state pension age

The Tories plan to bring forward the increase to the state pension age will be a big shock to many people planning their retirement especially those in their mid-50s. more [image] More button


Average male retirement age rises

The average age at which men retire continues to rise and has now reached almost 65, according to the Office for National Statistics. more

'Why I'm still working aged 76'

"The state pension for a single person is just over £90 a week, now that's well below what would be considered a poverty line for a single person, which would be £145 per week." more [image] More button


Recent independent research commissioned by Consultus Care and Nursing Agency revealed that the option to stay at home rather than move into residential care was the preferred choice for over 75’s nationwide. more [image]

 More button

Income in retirement

Your retirement could last for 20 or 30 years or even more, so it's important to make the most of your money. more >>>

Talking about my generation

Many believe there is a lack of respect among the young for the older generation, while young people often argue respect is not returned and their views are ignored. more >>>

Ageing process may mean working longer

Take a walk down one of Britain's streets in 20, 30 or 50 years' time and you will notice a big change in the faces of the people around you. more

Pensions deal 'will be honoured'

A deal to keep the retirement age for current public sector workers at 60 will be "honoured", the trade and industry secretary has said. more


Parents living with their children

Research from retirement housing and finance specialist Economic Lifestyle shows that more than 858,000 adults aged between 35 and 64 now have one or both of their parents living in their home. more

How should I prepare for retirement?

The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are benefits from pensions, savings and investments, and Social Security benefits. more...

Getting older
About 20 or 30 years ago, most people expected to stay in the same job for their entire working lives, collect their gold watch at the age of 65 and see out their days pottering in the garden or taking up a sedate hobby. Today the outlook is very different. more...

Welcome to the ageing future

We're living longer and staying healthier and more active into much later life. So why the pessimism about Britain's ageing population? more...

The Top 10 Ways To Take the Fear Out of Retiring

Have you and your spouse actually sat down and discussed how each of you see retirement? If your dreams are completely
opposite of your spouse's, both of you are going to be
disappointed. more...

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