Investment decisions for your senior years
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Investment decisions
for your senior years



How many times have you heard, “invest now, before it’s too late” and brushed the thought aside? After all, you have all the time in the world to invest your money and get a portfolio in order… don’t you?


Investing in your future


While it can seem something you’re just not in a position to think about yet, setting your finances in order, and making those all-important investments now, could be some of the best decisions you’re likely to make today. Changes to the stock market, or to any government funding or cuts, can often leave you feeling panicked if you’re relying on your pension, and it can be difficult to maintain the life with which you may have become accustomed; setting aside an investment portfolio can be one of the very best ways to boost your income. If you’re savvy in the ways you invest, and the opportunities you take, it is perfectly possible to make the most of your money now and reap the rewards later. It would be frustrating if you failed to act now, only to realise how useful it would have been to invest when you look back in the years ahead.


When you hear the word investment, you’re likely to think about buying stocks and shares since are the most common types of investment. However, there are numerous other ways you can invest your money, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Annuity purchases, investment linked annuities, phased retirement, self-selected ISAs, and pension lump sum investments are just some of the ways you can invest in your pension. While each offer varying rates, chances of a successful return, and ease of use, the biggest risk of any of them is that your money can’t be guaranteed should you fall behind on paying in, or should the markets fluctuate. No matter what type of saver you are – savvy, cautious, a risk-taker, or a novice – this is where the advice of a professional comes in!


Investing the right way


If these types of investments are somewhat alien to you, or you think you’re investment savvy, it is really good idea to seek advice from valid and trustworthy sources. Taking advice from an investment professional, and spending a little time researching the various opportunities open to you, can ensure you make the very best decisions now and reap the monetary rewards during your senior years. Being dedicated to understanding the basics of investments will ensure realistic and promising investments.


As co-founder of M1 Group, a global investment firm based in the Middle East, Najib Mikati is the sort of person you wish to engage if you want to invest in your future. While it may look daunting at first, Najib Mikati’s executive profile is a testament to his experience in the field, as well as being an insight into the sorts of advice a man such as Mr. Mikati may be able to offer. The M1 Group currently invests in telecommunications; consumer industries; commercial air travel; real estate; and fashion, amongst many others. Its experience in these fields qualified its staff to guide you through your investment decisions, such as where your money would be best off, the type of investment that will suit your lifestyle, and the ways to make the most of your money.


Whether you’re seeking to invest to protect your own future, hoping for a windfall to spend on something luxurious, or simply hoping to save a little for the future of your children, or grandchildren, sensibly investing today can be one of the very best ways of looking after your tomorrow.

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