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Religious Poems
and Spiritual poems

Who are you?

You are who you are for a reason
You're part of a detailed plan
You're a precious and unique design
Formed by God's own hands.

You look like you do for a reason
Our God makes no mistakes
You are not a clone of another
You're just what He wanted to make.

Now these problems you face for a season
God can see that it hurts you so
But he only allows it to shape your heart
Because there are things He needs you to do.

You are who you are for a reason
And though that reason may not be clear
He has a plan for your life that is wonderful
To Him, you're a child most dear.

© 2007 Heather Rudge

What does Jesus mean to me?

He's the only one who really cares
He's the only one who's always there

He's the only one who is always just
He's the only one whose Word I can trust

He's my Rock , Redeemer, Guide and Friend
And He'll be my God till the very end.

© 2007 Heather Rudge


Music may be the food of love,
But words are food for the soul.
Good words are milk and honey.
Bad words are sour grapes.
What will you eat today?

© 2007 Heather Rudge

God's Plan

I was once told that as time goes by
Everything changes with no reason why
Explanations we won't receive
We're just told we must believe
The Lord has a plan for each of us
This I Believe - This I Trust
Doctor - Lawyer - Teacher - Wife
Lord what's your plan for my life?
Explanations I don't expect
Just some guidance down the right track
Show me Lord your plan for me
I ask this of you while on my knees
Praying to you helps me to see
The wonderful plan you have for me
The Lord has a plan for each of us
This I Believe - This I Trust

Always believed

Please do not look as if I do not believe.
For I am filled with questions, my mind I mustn’t deceive.
Some have faith, walking with no doubt.
For I find it hard, my dad I now live without.
Our spirits upon death leave the body on earth.
One might say our final destination, our re-birth.
I wonder if he will see my face if its no longer a part of me.
Or will he feel my spirit as that becomes the image he will see.
Will all love be equal amongst soul to soul.
When I arrive I’m his daughter will he know.
Is he still my dad as I embark on this great place.
How will he know its me if he can’t see my face.
I do believe in heaven this is not the only life we live.
God gave his only son so eternity he could give.
I hope its not wrong to question that which is unknown.
He said he would see me again and I was not alone.
Wondering I hope that is normal to do.
Never do I question that Heaven is not true.
If all love there that is given and received
Is unconditional as his, I realized I always have believed.

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