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Probate & Wills

Make a Will

Many people feel that making a Will is somehow "tempting fate" and that there is plenty of time. However, It is a sad fact that seven out of ten people in the UK die without a Will, yet making a Will is relatively straightforward and not very expensive. When a person dies without a proper Will, delays, hardship and worry - and even costly legal bills can result if there is confusion and disagreement among those left behind. If you should die without a Will or if your Will is deemed to be invalid, that is if it wasn't completed or signed correctly, then you are said to have died intestate. It is not sufficient to think that you have told your relatives how you want your estate divided and, unfortunately, there have been many family feuds caused by the lack of a proper Will. Don't delay, if you haven't made a Will, even if you think you have very little to leave.


When someone dies it is normally the task of relatives or friends of the deceased to "administer" the estate, that is the money, property and possessions left and by collecting in all the money, paying any debts and distributing the estate to those people entitled to it. The term probate often means the issuing of a legal document to one or more people authorising them to do this. The probate registry issues the document, which is called a grant of representation. It may not be necessary to obtain a grant, for example where a home is held in joint names or where a joint bank or building society account is held, production of a death certificate may be sufficient for the monies to be transferred to the joint holder. It is imperative to take advice, as there may be Inheritance Tax due that must be paid.


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How to manage probate without any hassle


Step By Step Guide To Arranging A Funeral


The Importance of Funeral Planning

Here you will find useful resources related to the subject matter of probate & wills.

Useful resources

Making a Will online the easy way with SimpleWills.net - Will Writing Services Online from only £28.95!. A Simple 3 step process and your will is done! Make sure your family is protected.

Uk's National Will Register - After 3 years in development the Uk’s Will Register www.certainty.co.uk is now online. This means it takes just 60 seconds for somebody with a will to protect their family by ensuring it can be found when they pass on. In a recent survey, an astounding 67% of people did not know where their parent’s wills were located and equally as concerning nearly a third of people’s wills who have died cannot be found. The ramifications of not having a will are dramatic creating increased stress and financial losses and possible increased tax to pay out of the testator’s estate.
Certainty.co.uk is headed up by key legal figures in the UK, their chairman being a past law society president. Certainty are offering the UK’s general public the opportunity to either register their existing will for free if it was written prior to 1st Jan 2008 or to register a new will either via their solicitor or themselves online for a small fee.
The register launched in March 2008 and now nearly approaching 1 million will registrations have already been allocated.

Making a Will online - Do it yourself wills
The Will Site offers a complete online service for writing a will.

www.regalwills.co.uk. - Fixed prices for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney drafted by legally qualified lawyers.


Online will writing service from Surewill -Easy to use and self explanatory. also provide Enduring Power of Attorneys free of charge


Funeral plans & funeral arrangements on Mabels


Making a Will - Provides general information on preparing a will and the consequences of passing away without having made one.


Making a Will could not be easier, make your Will at Online Will.


Making life easier after a death






Make a will - Make a will online using one of the UK's most-trusted legal documents services


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Thousands of over 50s could have out of date wills -


Family disputes could be on the rise after it was revealed a third of over 50s may have out of date wills.


According to research from Saga Legal Solutions, 34% of people have experienced a change in their financial or family circumstances since last updating their will, with one in five becoming grandparents and one in ten moving house. Read more


Related article: Where there's a will, there's a way - The purpose of a will is to establish exactly what happens to your estate when you pass away. There's a lifetime of stuff - belongings, money, property - which needs to be distributed when you're gone. Read more









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