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Poland offers best value
for a holiday destination


A recent study conducted by the Skyscanner website has revealed that whilst the majority of British tourists believe India to be the cheapest holiday destination, Poland actually offers the best value for money.

The study involved comparing a survey of their customers perceptions to the actual cost of a holiday.

The survey asked their customers to rate 30 of the most popular holiday destinations according to what they believed to be the costs of holidaying in each country, but excluding the cost of a flight. They were given the option of a six point scale from very cheap to very expensive and an average score was then calculated from the results.

The survey showed that the top five locations that were thought to be the cheapest places to go were India (1st place) then Thailand, Morocco, Mexico and finally Egypt. The five most expensive location was thought to be Sweden (30th), then Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland and Japan.

Skyscanner then estimated the actual cost of holidaying in each location by adding the average cost of one cup of coffee in each country to the average cost of a bottle of beer, a three course meal with one bottle of wine and one night's accommodation.

These figures showed that the cheapest holiday location was the Dominican Republic (which ranked at 7th in the survey). Poland came second on the list (6th on the survey), Cyprus was third (from 14th on the survey), Thailand 4th and Morocco 5th.

Switzerland was the most expensive destination, followed in 29th place by Brazil, which was ranked at 12th on the survey. Australia was ranked at 19th in the survey, but came in 28th place on the list of actual costs, Sweden was 27th and Dubai came in at 26th, after ranking at 25th place in the survey.

When the cost of of flights were factored in to the cost of the holiday, Poland came out on top, indicating that it offered the best value for money for a holiday location. This was followed by Spain, Cyprus, Morocco and Portugal. The cost of the long haul flight to the Dominican Republic saw it slip into 6th place.

The most costly locations were Australia, then Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand and Dubai. Some of the biggest misconceptions regarding the overall cost of holidays were France, Ireland and the UK. All three were placed in the bottom ten in the survey but were actually in the top ten for the overall value of a holiday.

Sam Poullain from the Skyscanner price comparison site believes that this study shows the importance of researching all the various costs of a holiday before choosing a location, especially for tourists on a budget. He said: "Those looking for real value should head to Poland.

A fantastic all year round destination, winter sports are on offer in the Tatra Mountains while beautiful beaches can be found in the northern area near Gdansk, not to mention the great city break destinations of Poznan and Krakow."

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