Step By Step Guide To Arranging A Funeral
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Step By Step Guide To
Arranging A Funeral




Planning a funeral can feel like one of life's most difficult experiences but it's also an opportunity to give the loved ones in your life the fitting farewell they deserve.


Find a funeral home


It's important to find the right funeral home to help you through the process of arranging a funeral. They should be thoughtful and attentive whilst paying close attention towards creating a funeral that best celebrates the life of the person that's passed away.


There are some details you will need to provide early on to allow the funeral director to begin making plans. These include:


" The full name, address and age of the deceased
" The location where the deceased is resting
" The name and contact details of the deceased's doctor
" Whether a death certificate has been issued
" Whether the funeral will be a religious or a non-religious ceremony


Set a date


When discussing a date with the funeral director, be sure to leave enough time for distant family or friends to travel and make bookings for accommodation.
Be aware that you need to register the death before you can proceed with a funeral. If the death involved a coroner or a post mortem then you may have to wait a little longer before you can arrange a burial or cremation.


If you're planning on having a religious ceremony, you'll need to check the availability of the particular venue or celebrant.


Set a budget


This is something that the funeral director can help you with. The cost of a funeral can vary depending on the type of service you choose and the requirements. Your funeral director should guide you through a breakdown of the costs so you know exactly what you're paying for.

Life insurance policies or funeral plans held by the deceased may be able to help with this so it's important that you review their financial affairs thoroughly.


Finalise the details


There is a list of choices you will be faced with when planning a funeral. This is where your funeral director can help you the most.


You should consider the following points when discussing plans with your funeral director:



" Cremation or burial? This is a choice that needs to be made quite early on.
" Choosing they type of coffin or casket
" Deciding on what transportation is needed. The type of hearse and number of limousines required.
" How you would like the deceased to be dressed
" Deciding on who will write the obituary and where you would like it placed
" What sort of poetry, readings or music is appropriate for the service?
" Which floral wreaths and decorations are needed?
" Organising donations or flowers
" Preparing a eulogy
" Organising service stationary, including an order of proceedings
" Where would you like the wake located and organising the venue
" Organising catering for the wake







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