Benefits of owning a dog when over 50
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Benefits of owning
a dog when over 50



Benefits of owning a dog when over 50


Owning a dog can bring huge benefits to people of all ages, but for anyone over 50 there are even more reasons why a canine friend can really make a difference. Physical and mental benefits can come from dog ownership and many studies show just how much of a difference being a dog owner can make to people from all walks of life.


It doesn't even really matter what type of dog or breed you choose, although you should always take into account each dog's needs on a case by case basis, but whatever type of pooch you have you'll be sure to enjoy the positive effects.




Dogs are not known as "man's best friend" for nothing, as the companionship they offer has been proven to help counter feelings of isolation or loneliness.



More than that, dog-owning communities are popular all over the US as a way to make new human friends. In fact, when you own a dog you become a member of a real-life social network because dogs are natural icebreakers and can help you get to know your neighbors better and meet new people.


Health benefits


Just by getting out of the house and taking your dog for a walk, you will also be getting fresh air and exercise. A study in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners walk approximately one hour longer per day than non-dog owners, and that can only be a good thing.


Other studies have shown that stroking a dog can help relieve high blood pressure and generally reduce stress. Lower cholesterol and a reduced risk of heart attack are other health benefits that seem to go hand in hand with being a dog owner.


Quality of life


Having a dog means keeping up levels of self-discipline, because you have someone to look after other than yourself. Of course, dogs love structure in their lives, so being fed and walked at regular times means you have to stick to a timetable. Indeed, for many older Americans, owning a dog helps give daily motivation and can even help engender a feeling of independence.




Whether your kids have flown the nest or you find yourself looking after number one through any set of circumstances, it can be a real boost to have someone else to care for and look after every day.


Owning a dog certainly comes with built-in responsibilities and one of those is making sure routine health checks and procedures are carried out. Dog flea treatments are an essential part of any canine owner’s pet care schedule, and it's easy to make sure you have all you need to keep your dog in the best condition.


All-round benefits


Whether it lives in the home or outdoors, owning a dog brings so many benefits that it is only when you get one that you realize what you have been missing. One thing is for sure, when you choose a dog as a pet you will be certain to get back all the love you give – unconditionally – and that is something that is good for everyone.





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