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Support to older people on very low incomes


Independent Age - volunteering











Independent Age is unique in providing lifelong support to older people on very low incomes. We provide information and advice, practical help and emergency financial aid through our network of staff and dedicated volunteers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Just as importantly, we offer friendship and the chance to socialise to those who are lonely and isolated. Supported by Independent Age, thousands of older people are able to maintain their independence, contribute to their communities and enjoy a good quality of life, secure in the knowledge that our help lasts as long as they need it.

We currently have a number of volunteering opportunities available around the country and are desperately looking for individuals to fill these important roles so we can continue the support we offer our members.


The Volunteer visitor is the most popular role undertaken by our volunteers and this is due in part to its flexibility and the satisfaction it gives. This role involves anything from dropping in on an older person for a coffee and a chat, checking that someone is alright or arranging a trip to the local shops. Some of the older people we help need more support, others less so. As a volunteer visitor you’ll be matched with an older person living near you and you can fit your visits around your other commitments and responsibilities. Visiting can be a source of satisfaction, enjoyment and fun - for the volunteer as well as the person being visited. Many of the older people we support have life experiences and histories that can fascinate and enthral. An hour or two can fly by. We’ll never ask more than you can give. You’ll know that you can fit your volunteering around the rest of your life but you’ll see the results first hand - in welcoming smiles, laughter and gratitude.


A perfect role for someone who wants to be, or is already active in their community and enjoys meeting and talking with others. This role is ideally suited to a sociable person who will enthuse and attract others to join the charity and act as an ambassador for Independent Age in their local area. An organising volunteer may spend their time giving talks at local groups to recruit volunteers and raise the profile of Independent Age. Once the Organising Volunteer has a group of local volunteers in place they may keep in touch with them on a regular basis to check all is well with both them and their allocated members. The OV may also arrange a get together once every couple of months or so with other volunteers to chat about any issues relating to the charity - or the older people we support. The Organising Volunteer will feed back regularly to the Area Manager about what’s going on in their area both personally and by submitting a quarterly update.


Do you enjoy getting together with friends and eating tea and cake? Let’s face it - most of us do. In 2010 over 3000 people across the UK and Ireland got involved with The Big Tea and enjoyed all three - for a very good cause indeed. The Big Tea is any tea, big or small that is held in aid of Independent Age. Just arrange a time and place, invite your friends or colleagues for tea and suggest they give a donation for the pleasure. You can be as creative or as simple as you like with your tea. You can simply enjoy a tea for two , or a tea break with colleagues in the office - or mix things up a bit and hosting a Big (G and) Tea with friends! Big Tea’s can be held by anybody, anywhere. We will send you a free Big Tea pack so you will have everything you need to get started, including recipe cards, invitations, posters, balloons, a collection box and more. What’s more it’s really easy to register for a free pack - and you won’t have to fill out lots of forms or go through a process of registering to be a volunteer. Anyone can do a Big Tea, any time. Just ask for a pack - and we’ll send you one.


We’re looking for volunteers to help with our new programme of local, social activities, led by the people we support. This new service offers people supported by Independent Age the opportunity to choose and participate in activities they enjoy and to meet other people in their local areas. We’ve already held afternoon teas, cinema and theatre trips, lunches, garden centre visits and we’re planning for much more! There’s a range of tasks we need help with, from organising an event, talking to new participants about their needs or to just help out on the day to make sure that everyone has a good time. At present social activities are only running in selected regions.

If you are interested in any of these volunteering opportunities please contact the Independent Age Volunteer Recruitment coordinator, Andy Nisbet, on 0207 605 4286 or Andrew.nisbet@independentage.org.uk





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