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Nostalgic knowledge


Find instant access below to best resources for antiques, auctions , history, heritage & genealogy



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Nostalgic Knowledge






Note: In the early 90s demand for antique furniture exceeded the quantities that could be supplied and many companies started the sales and marketing of good quality, craftsman made, reproductions of traditional and classic designs. With their expertise and knowledge of antiques they were able to supply affordable copies in pine, oak and mahogany.


Free access to more than 28,000 directory listings of history related venues, organisations and experts in the UK. Also Timeline of British history of bygone times from 10,000BC to the present day !



Note: Historians do not "reconstruct" the past. What historians do is produce knowledge about the past, or, with respect to each individual, fallible historian, produce contributions to knowledge about the past. Thus the best and most concise definition of history is: The bodies of knowledge about the past produced by historians, together with everything that is involved in the production, communication of, and teaching about that knowledge. Professor Arthur Marwick




Online access to the records of 36 million people in 1911. more [image] More button



Maintaining bygone times with the historic environment of England. Provides information for all the main historic sites.






Online image resource for England's history







All your family bygone history online

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British Army World War One records are now online at Ancestry.co.uk



Access the 1901 UK Census

We are usually quite proud of our heritage. When we decide to trace our family trees, however, we might have a bit of a shock. Our forebears may have settled here from elsewhere. There may be a dark skeleton in the cupboard, but there might also be a hero/heroine. We cannot alter who our ancestors were, and who they were does not affect who we are, but we can enjoy the research and gather, often unwittingly, much and such information about our past that drives us to learn more.



This is where nostalgia comes in, in the form of a nostalgic knowledge. To transfer them back to the experiences, places and people of their historic times, the highs and lows of a spectacular journey through life with all its anniversaries.


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Historic inflation calculator: how the value of money has changed since 1900

This calculator uses official UK inflation data to show how prices have changed and what money used to be worth. Click here



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