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Internet security for the over 50's

Cybercriminals are targeting your home PC.
Kaspersky Lab Internet security software prevents you from becoming a victim.

Internet security for the over 50's-kaspersky

1 in 10 Internet shoppers were affected by online fraud last year (Source: Get Safe Online)

Victims lost on average 875 pounds each (Source: Get Safe Online)

The Internet is an amazing source of information, connecting people across the world for business, retail and leisure. Unfortunately, just like the real world the Internet also has its criminal elements and one of the biggest threats is from the hundreds of thousands of malicious programs, which are designed by Cybercriminals to enable them to steal your details and money.


Typically malicious programs are used to steal personal and sensitive information. They infect your PC or laptop by stealth, without your knowledge or consent and can secretly monitor the important security details or information you may use when accessing the Internet - such as your bank account and credit card details used for online shopping. If they can harvest enough of your data, Cybercriminals can even commit identity fraud in your name.

Cybercriminals carefully hide their tracks using programs called rootkits, making their presence on your computer hard to find. Chances are everything will appear to be running normally but Cybercriminals could be silently gathering your personal information for their own gain.

Kaspersky Lab's award-winning Internet security software provides the protection you need to stay one step ahead of the Cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Lab products represent a much better investment than 'free' Internet security products because they have constant, hourly updates, giving the latest and most comprehensive protection in the fight against Cybercrime. Kaspersky Lab software supports its customers with a free, manned support line, which means you can always speak to an expert when you need them.

In essence Kaspersky Lab protects your way of life, keeps your money and identity safe and makes it easy to protect yourself with automatic updates, so you can enjoy the benefits of the Internet safely.



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