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Internet Made Easy For The Over 50s


For many the internet is a daunting invention, designed with younger generations in mind. While Which? research from last year found that 60 per cent of over 50s use a computer on a regular basis, one in five still don't feel very competent in doing so. But, with it now possible to do more day-to-day activities online than ever before, it's well worth brushing up your internet skills to save yourself both time and money.

Banking - Nearly half the UK adult population bank online, and it's not hard to see why. Online baking means no queuing at counters or worrying about closing time, and you don't have to wait for a statement to come through in the post to know what's happening with your account. Further to this, you can pay bills, review direct debits, cancel standing orders and transfer funds, all without having to leave home or sit on hold to a call centre.

Grocery shopping - It's now possible to do the weekly food shop from the comfort of your sofa and have it delivered at a time that suits you. You can save time by shopping from a list of favourite items you buy regularly, and keep within a budget by avoiding the temptations of shopping in store. Most big supermarkets offer this facility, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose (Ocado) and Asda.

Buying car tax - When it comes to buying and renewing your car tax you can stand in line at the Post Office, or you can take the easy route and buy online. The DVLA has set up a special car tax website that lets you either buy your car tax or declare your car off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification.

Buying glasses - It's possible to make big savings through buying your next pair of glasses online. These retailers are cheaper because they don't have shop overheads or eye examination costs. However, you will need to see a professional optician first to get your prescription, and always check the website returns policy.

Property hunting - if you're house hunting, the internet makes it easy to find the latest properties for sale anywhere in the world, and discover more about your chosen location. Many estate agents list the properties they have on their books on their own websites, although most also use the big selling and buying property sites, including www.rightmove.co.uk, www.zoopla.co.uk and www.propertyfinder.com.


This new book from consumer champion Which? is the perfect guide for those who want to understand not only the basics of the internet but also want to discover how to make better use of the information they can find there.

Assuming no prior knowledge, step-by-step tutorials and annotated screenshots will ensure that the basics are mastered quickly, from connecting to the internet to contacting others and then move on to the best way to search on the internet, how to find information you want and how to stay safe online.

Top tips feature throughout Internet Made Easy For The Over 50s as well as ideas for next steps to take in discovering the internet, and jargon busters explain technical language throughout. And if you still need help, this book includes exclusive access to the Which? Computing helpdesk. If you get stuck at anytime, log your query and we will get back to you with the answer.

The book covers:

Connecting your equipment
Changing ISP
Surfing basics and how to stay in touch
Finding accurate information
Buying, selling and banking online
Social networking, blogging and sharing information
Keeping your online identity safe


For a copy of Internet Made Easy for £9.99 including p&p (instead of £10.99) please call 01903 828557 and quote IMEMB0310.



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