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Four Ways to Cut Costs for Your Holiday

Holidays are a rare treat, but they can often be an expensive one too. There are plenty of ways that you can cut costs on holidays, or make your pounds go further, no matter what stage you're in. When you get to your destination, think carefully about your budget and see where you have those little opportunities to save. Even bigger savings can be made before you go so check out this quick list of tips to see some great ways to avoid a financial hangover before you even get on the flight.

Shop Online

High street travel agents and package holiday providers are having a tough time of late. The rise of internet companies selling each component of a holiday for seriously low prices is now squeezing out traditional travel agents. There are many providers out there for each part, but for cheap flights take a look at Travelzoo, while AA Travel can provide extras like travel insurance at competitive prices. Find a hotel from an internet directory like Hotels.com and you should be ready to go. It takes a little more planning to do it this way, and you'll have to carefully coordinate the dates through using different providers, but you'll find the savings could be huge.

Get America while it's Cheap!

You might be tempted to go to Europe at the minute, but you should consider the exchange rates if you really want your pounds to go far. Currently the pound is strong against the dollar but weak against the Euro. It's currently around �1 for $2, while �1 will buy about 1.3 Euros. It probably won't stay like this forever, but it means the pound stretches much further in the US than it currently does in Europe, so there's never been a better time to head across the pond for a shopping trip. Take a look at comparison website Cheap Flights for the best deals on flights to USA.

Go Off Season

Do some research to see when the cheapest periods will be. Rest assured it will be less busy outside of the school holidays, unless you're heading to somewhere further afield. Think about Spain in the winter or Spring, or Florida and the Caribbean in September and October.

Consider an Apartment

Booking hotels on the internet will probably save you money, but if you're going with the family then it's well worth considering an apartment or villa. You won't need to book two rooms, and you won't have the cramped nature of having a family room, so it will probably at least work out as cheaper and less stressful. The benefit of a villa is that you'll also be able to cut your nightly costs. Sure, it's nice to have a meal out when you're on holiday, but if you have a villa or apartment, at least you'll have the option of cooking a cheap family meal from scratch. This could save you a pot full of cash if you're on holiday for two weeks or more. If you're heading to Spain, check out Abercrombie and Kent for a selection of luxury villas.

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