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Hobby Spaces for Seniors

By Brian A Schmidt
Publisher, PrefabMetalBuildingKits.com
Guest Writer


Over the years we have come across special interests in our lives. And in many cases these interests have developed into hobbies. Now that we have the time to devote to our hobbies wouldn't it be great to have a special place in which to enjoy those passions?


Maybe you have an "extra" room which would be perfect for your hobby. Maybe a corner in the basement works for you. With a little imagination you could easily turn a concrete walled area into a warm and inviting place to enjoy working on your hobby.


An unused garage can be quickly turned into a great spot for hobbies like woodworking, welding, model railroading or any number of hobbies.


What would make these areas even more enjoyable is if they had enough room to entertain others with an interest in your hobby. Even in workshops you can have a corner dedicated to comfortable seating to entertain or just to relax in.


I have a great many hobbies. I enjoy woodworking and gardening, sports and travel (especially cruise travel but that's another story). I have a few different types of collections and of course I enjoy the computer - being online and writing online.


I am fortunate enough to have built a workshop a few years back so I have space to ply my hobbies. The woodworking workshop doubles as a greenhouse for over-wintering some tender plants as well as storing other summer paraphernalia.


Often the building looks like it is bursting at the seams. But I always manage to be able to clear the area around the machines when I need to.


But enough about me...


We're talking about hobby spaces that a senior can use to work on, display and discuss their hobbies.


Now what if you have these interests and hobbies but no place to enjoy them? We are on a fixed income and can not afford to have a contractor come in and construct a new building for us.


Well for many seniors this would be the end of their hobby dreams. But it doesn't have to be. There are building kits available that are quite affordable and easily erected by a handy person.


There are kits for wooden garages as well as metal garage kits. They are both priced competitively. These kits are perfect for hobbies. And they come in a variety of sizes shapes and finishes.


Wood kits often come with all of the materials you need to complete your building. Much of the material however is not cut to size. This means that you will have to be able to measure everything and cut to the proper size. The leftover materials will have to be disposed of.


Metal kits on the other hand have all of the materials need for your garage cut to size. The main components are predrilled for you to bolt together. Siding and roofing are screwed on using self-drilling screws. There are virtually no excess materials. If there was it is all completely recyclable.


Most of us are old enough to remember the Mechano Set. Think of metal building kits as a big kid's Mechano Set. And have fun with it as you did with your toy set (only follow the instructions this time ;-) ).


Whether you have a ready-made space, a space to be renovated or you build a new hobby building make sure that you have some space for your friends to join you. That's the one thing that I am missing in my workshop.


Hobbies are so much more fun with family and friends around. Maybe you could start up a club for local like-minded people whether they are friends yet or not. Because remember, "There are not strangers only friends that you have not yet met".


Brian A Schmidt is the author and publisher of Prefab Metal Building Kits. He lives in a small community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. He has worked in Construction most of his working life gaining a broad background including Pre-engineered Metal Commercial Buildings.






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