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Hobby Buildings for Your Twilight


By Brian A Schmidt
Publisher a1-discount-cruises.com
Guest Writer

Many of us work hard all of our lives to be able to spend some quality time divulging in our passions. Upon retirement we finally have the time to really explore those passions.  Yes, I'm talking about our hobbies.

As we have more time to divulge to our hobbies, they take on a special role in our lives. They can even dictate our life-style. One lifestyle change could be the addition of a special hobby shop or building in which to enjoy our pastimes.


A building or shop designed specifically for your particular hobby or hobbies will add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of these hobbies. You can plan your space exactly the way you want it, a work table here� some shelving there, and lots of wall space for display over there.


Hobby buildings do not need to be expensive or extravagant items. There are many building kits available that most do-it-yourselfers can erect themselves. And you are not limited by size, shape or material.


A model railroader may require a building size of twelve feet by sixteen feet. A vintage car collector may require a building of two, five or even ten thousand square feet.

Each of these buildings could have metal siding, wood siding, vinyl siding, brick or stone veneer or an EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System) finish. The appearance of your building will be determined by your personality and your imagination.

There has even been a pre-engineered building kit erected for an amusement park in the United States that resembles the Titanic with its ice-berg attached! The sky's the limit when it comes to building design. Your particular design would not be an issue for concern. if you can dream it you can build it.


What types of hobbies could benefit from a building designed to suit the particular interest?


Well as mentioned above, model railroad � or model anything for that matter � could benefit from a specially designed building. Display tables, work tables, cupboards and shelves and lots of room to move around and view the display from all angles.


Also above we mentioned car collectors. Custom designed buildings would be a boon for any car hobby � collectors, detailers, hobby builders, customizers and hobby mechanics.

Quilters would find that a building with large open table areas for working with cupboard and shelf space would add to the enjoyment of the craft. And large wall spaces for display for viewing would provide that sense of satisfaction and pride.

Perhaps you have a weaving loom. Scrapbooking may be your hobby. Woodworking and wood carving are popular hobbies. Crafting of all sorts has increased dramatically. All of these would benefit for a building constructed to suit your needs.


And what about collectors � collectors of all sorts? Antiques, bottles, stained glass, model cars, model tractors, stamps, coins, dolls, signs, posters, rocks� I think you get the picture. Special spaces for these collections to work on, store and display would add a great deal of enjoyment to the hobby.


Whether you are a collector, a crafter, a tinkerer, an artisan or an artist a specially built structure would add immensely to your passion.


Steel metal building kits are fast becoming the construction method of choice for low-rise buildings of all sizes. We have all seen the little six foot by six foot metal garden shed kits available at hardware stores, lumber yards and even department stores.


From those small buildings, metal building kits are designed for large manufacturing businesses in widths of three hundred feet or more! And you can fill in every size under the sun between these gigantic buildings and the small garden sheds.

Therefore size is not an issue either.


So what might be an issue? Cost of course is one huge factor when determining the right building for your hobby. This factor may determine how large or how elaborate your hobby building will be. When working on cost factors remember that decoration can be added later more cost effectively than can space so size would be my first concern.


Having the room in your yard would also be a large factor. Many municipal building codes and by-laws dictate how much land can be covered and how close to property lines a structure can be erected.


When determining the overall use of your hobby building, don't forget to provide space for entertaining visitors. In most cases your hobby is not unique to you. There will no doubt be others interested in your hobby who would love to visit and discuss your mutual interests.


This leads us to another thought. Your prefab metal shop building or hobby building could become a meeting place or drop-in center for other enthusiasts. You could set up a club or a group meeting time to get together with your friends. (This could become a new hobby in itself - a group meeting club to discuss any number of topics!)

You will not find strangers coming to your hobby shop - only friends that you have not yet met.


Brian A Schmidt has been involved in the construction industry for over thirty years. He has owned his own small contracting company and has been a construction manager for a few companies as well giving him extensive experience in all sectors of the industry. These include prefab commercial buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings and institutional buildings. He is also author and publisher of www.prefabmetalbuildingkits.com. Living in a small community in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife Carol, they have three fantastic grown children and four wonderful small grandchildren (with a fifth on the way!). His 'free time' is spent gardening, woodworking in his hobby work-shop and cruise vacationing.




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