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Managing your knee pain this winter



Hallmark care homes award



What does it take to keep us happy as we age?



How to choose the right wheelchair



Why you should speak to a care fees adviser before going into care



Accessible baths



Seven considerations when buying a stairlift



Why dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth



Stannah stairlift and walk in bath options



Stair aid - Stair climbing handrail aid



Evexia - The only specialist in accessible holidays in Chalkidiki of Greece



What's it really like staying in a private hospital?



Understanding and managing knee osteoarthritis



Stairlifts make life easier



Hair replacement and wigs



Me and My Knees at 58



Why Yoga Is The Perfect Form Of Exercise For The Elderly


5 Reasons To Consider Private Health Insurance When You Hit 50


Should You Go for Regular Hearing Tests?


How can carers prepare themselves to cope with the symptoms of dementia?


Shower Chairs for the Elderly Can Improve Quality of Life


A new soy milk brand launch


Dementia - Making your home dementia friendly


Wild oregano oil benefits






Deer Antler Velvet



Dementia Support - Actions Changing Attitudes.



Finding the Right Mobility Vehicle



Bedtime revival cure from snoring



Reducing the strain on carers by improving independence



What Causes Back Pain in the Elderly?


Dementia Patients May Have Found Hope in Music



What health issues you can expect and prevention advice




New research on Saw palmetto




How to Preserve Your Eyesight



Lifts for the elderly



What are the symptoms of bowel cancer



Incontinence in Women over 50:What causes it?



Fighting Fit at 50



The National Careline and adult social care




Age related hearing loss information


UK scientists advise cutting salt intake more


Private Medical Insurance: the top ten myths


5 supplements that can improve the health of your bones and joints more


Live-in care for the elderly and those with disabilities and spinal injuries more


Coronation Street actress Rula Lenska on her hearing loss

She is speaking out about her battle with hearing loss for the first time, as she launches a nationwide search for deaf and hard of hearing high achievers. more


Research Reveals Disabled People are On the Edge of British Society

There are eleven million disabled people in Great Britain, but new research commissioned by disabled charity Scope has found that they are increasingly isolated from society more



Unique online Medical Alert ID service
Allows anybody, anywhere in the world to keep a secure and up-to-date on-line record of their current medical needs and more.


Eggs are a 'superfood' packed with nutrients, new research finds
Also, dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton talks about the benefit of eggs to older adults.

Health timebomb hits baby boomers

Over-60s suffer more illnesses caused by bad diet and lack of exercise

They were the first to enjoy free health care, and had the time of their lives in the Swinging Sixties.

But the post-war 'baby boomers' are now paying the price.
Today's 60-year-olds are the first modern generation to be less healthy than their immediate predecessors. more

Delay retirement to help ward off Alzheimer's disease, scientists say

As millions face the prospect of extending their working lives to fund pensions, scientists have come up with a silver lining.
Retiring later can delay the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, their research suggests. more >>>


Cellular Memory in Organ Transplants


I looked into theories of emotions or memories being somehow stored in the tissues of the body and later manifesting in the physical form of pain or disease. more


Do you believe that certain foods that resemble the parts of the body they are supposed to help keep healthy really work? more

Wheelchair fitness

Most people are aware that whether we consider ourselves athletes or not, exercise is still essential to our general health and overall well-being. This principle applies to people confined to wheelchairs as well. more [image]

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A beginner's guide to essential strength exercises for the 50's age group onwards who want to be FIT FOR LIFE more [image]

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Health Diagnostics - find peace of mind in Poland.

Before you book an appointment at your local clinic, you might want to find out what's on offer in Poland.

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Dentistry in Poland - Something to Smile About.

The thought of travelling to another country to visit a dentist may seem excessive, however for many dental patients, it is the only way that they can get treatment that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. In Poland, for example, the cost of treatment in a top private clinic can cost up to 70% less than in the United Kingdom.
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Spa breaks & resorts in Poland

If you have always fancied a relaxing spa break, but been put off by the price, or are simply looking for a different type of short break, Poland might just be the ideal destination for you.
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Medical surgery abroad -

Dental and medical treatment certainly costs a lot less abroad, but surely you get what you pay for? Alison Hope of StatMedica looks at some of the reasons why patients are packing their bags and reaching for their passports, and also offers practical tips and advice for anyone considering treatment abroad. more [image] More button

The health benefits and ingredients of CHO-WA

For centuries in Japan only the direct decendants of the Tiger Shogun were given access to this incredible health formula, CHO-WA. more [image] More button

Memory improvement techniques & advice - Remember What You Can In Quick and Easy Steps

When people age; memorization becomes a tedious task for some. Tasks which require remembering and retention have always been and will be the issue for people growing older, especially the ones who haven't spent most of their years in retaining much information. more >>>

Active Manuka Honey

Together with the increasing popularity of complimentary and alternative medicines, there has been growing awareness and publicity of the unique healing properties of active manuka honey from New Zealand. more >>>

Tough love tips if you have 10 pounds to lose

Start your weight loss program by thinking about your eating habits. How many meals do you eat every day? Many nutritionists recommend that you eat MORE meals. more >>>

Successful Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight. Here's one man's experience that may help you, as he no longer has adult-onset diabetes. more >>>

Night blindness - Why Does My Vision Get Worse at Night?

If you need a nightlight to find your way to the kitchen for a
midnight snack, or have difficulty seeing while driving in the
evening, you may be suffering from a condition known as "night
more >>>

Fighting Aging Vision

Getting old is inevitable, but losing your vision doesn't have
to be.
Presbyopia, or "aging vision," as it is commonly referred to,
is the hardening of the lens and tightening of the eye muscles
associated with aging.
more >>>

Elliptical Trainers for the Young at Heart

Once upon a time, people had mostly manual labor related jobs (like farming) that kept them in good physical condition. Many years later, everyone jogged for good health.more >>>


During a BBQ a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured
everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and just
tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.
more >>>

Assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities are meant for senior citizens and the disabled who require housing, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and assistance with taking medicine.more >>>

The world's largest telephone hearing check has been launched to reach out to the 4 million people in the UK who are losing their hearing but doing nothing about it. more >>>

To Our Health - Proper nutrition and health

Proper nutrition and health affects and defines the health of all people. It helps us grow, develop, work, play, and resist infections. Malnutrition makes people more vulnerable to disease and premature death. more >>>

Wealth and Health - 8 Ways to a Longer Life

‶The Secrets of Living Longer※ focused on several regions where people live significantly longer and healthier lives. These residents produce a high rate of centenarians. Their disease rate is a fraction of what people in other parts of the world suffer and die from. Most importantly they enjoy more healthy years of life.

more >>>

Mental Health Stigma -- What Can We Do About It?

What is Stigma? Stigma is the use of stereotypes and labels when describing someone, and it is often attached to people who suffer from mental health issues.
more >>>

Senior Care for Alzheimer’s

As a person ages, a certain amount of memory loss and confusion is quite normal. Personally, I’ve been known to invoke the cliché, ‶The older I get, the better I was!※ Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease represents a more serious loss of mental sharpness and calls for special care for seniors. more >>>

Menopause and Dizziness

Unfortunately during menopause, the explosive symptom of dizziness is all too common. You know the feeling - a spinning sensation inside your head ripping down through the rest of your body making it impossible to be at peace. more >>>


HEALTH BENEFITS of BLUEBERRIES: One of nature's most amazing and powerful anti-oxidants, blueberries offer a variety of health benefits, from to lowering cholesterol to building up urinary tract health, improving vision and much more. more

Yoga for Seniors - Using Yoga to Reverse Aging

Yoga has become quite a popular exercise for people of all ages, but especially for the seniors. Yoga exercise for elderly people can help reverse the aging process and provide a wide range of positive benefits even if practiced on a moderate basis. more

How to Find Discount Hearing Aids

The elderly and those without the means to purchase expensive hearing aids will likely stick it out and simply deal with their hearing loss.

The Advantages of Using Disposable Hearing Aids

Disposable hearing aids are designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. These are often ideal for people who have only just begun to lose their hearing. more

Growing Old Gracefully

Today the average duration of human life in the United States is just about 70 years for women and a little less for men. Conservative experts believe that man is really built to last about 100 years; more

New Breakthroughs In Memory Research

New studies in memory research are providing exciting clues about memory loss and how to prevent it. more

Dealing With Loss As One Grows Older

I have done in-home-care for the elderly for ten years now. Before that I was a family counsellor. I talk to people everyday about the losses of growing older. more

Do You Have Degenerative Arthritis?

With 10 million or more people with arthritis, the majority of them will have degenerative arthritis. more

Incorporating Physical Activity into Your Daily Routine

You already know that getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each and every day is good for you, but putting that assertion into actual practice is an entirely different matter, right? more

Checking for Asbestos in Your Home

If you are concerned about asbestos exposure you are not alone. Many individuals wonder if they have been exposed, and if so, what they can do to help protect their health. more

Eucalyptus Oil for Colds and Flu

One of the Natural Remedies I used was Eucalyptus Oil, which helped to reduce the chest congestion and the symptoms of the flu. more

How to Use Herbal Salves & Ointments to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids

Comfrey Herbal Salve

Here is an herbal combination that contains herbs that promote the healing of skin wounds and blood vessel, is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing, and antiitching. more

How do you get hemorrhoids?

A lot of people don't even know they have hemorrhoids. more

How to Use Natural Remedies for Ulcers Caused by Helicobacter Pylori

One of the bacteria that live in your mouth and cause gingivitis is the helicobacter pylori or H. pylori. more


The main symptoms include shortness of breath on exertion, a persistent cough, chest pain or tightening of the chest, nail abnormalities (such as ridges developing on the nails or white streaks on the nails) and thickening of the fingers and toes. more

Angina Pain - types, diagnosis, treatment & prevention

Angina describes the pain, and sometimes breathlessness or choking feeling, caused by restricted blood flow in the arteries that supply the heart.

Alzheimer Disease and Antioxidants

The largest concern is what causes Alzheimer's and how can it be eradicated. For possible victims and their families it is how do we prevent the dreaded affliction or stop it in its tracks once it is diagnosed. more

5 Simple Steps For Ridding Yourself Of Back Pain

Unfortunately, many people are led to believe that back pain is normal and were all supposed to experience it... more


What treatments are available for mesothelioma victims?

Mesothelioma is touted as deadly because most of the cases are
diagnosed when in advanced stage and doctors have little solace
to offer by then. Still doctors try to do their best to relieve
the patients from severe pain of mesothelioma using advanced

Relieving Your Ache Joints and Arthritis -- are there Options?

Can New Joint Treatments Like MSM and Phosoplex Help Relieve Joint, Back and Knee Pain?


What you need to know about hrt

Menopause is the term that refers to the cessation of the menstruation cycle of a woman. Once menopause occurs, the woman's tendency to conceive expires. more



Vision for Life Program Helps Thousands Naturally Improve Vision

Orlin Sorensen, founder of Vision for Life and author of the program, wore corrective lenses for years beginning in his teens. Through the use of vision training, he improved his vision from 20/85 to 20/20 and was able to pass the visual acuity test given to U.S. Navy fighter pilots. more

7 Common Things That Rapidly Deteriorate Your Vision

I've included one of the "7 Essential Vision Improvement Techniques" that is taught in the Vision for Life program. These 7 techniques are simple yet incredibly powerful ways that you can help save your eyesight from further deterioration! more

How to Set Your Brain's 'Fat Thermostat' at a Healthy Level

Have you ever watched someone who looks healthy and
slender indulge in a slice of chocolate cake and wondered
how they stay thin? Part of the reason is that we all have
a set-point in our brains that normally keeps our body fat
and weight from varying by much. more

Have You Lost Your Spark?

Did you know research has shown that our body’s ability to
produce enzymes decreases as we age? more...

Rules to live life by....

How often have we heard ourselves complaining about how unlucky we are in life or how things are just not working out right for us. However, what we so easily forget is that at some time before in lives, luck has favoured us. But it is human nature
whereby we remember only what didn’t work for us but easily
forget the things that happened in our favour. more...


People in the United States consume more dairy products and
other foods high in calcium than the citizens of any other two
nations on earth put together. Why is it then, that the U.S. has
the world's highest rate of osteoporosis and bone fractures
among the elderly? The answer may be surprising. more...

Go Nuts and Fight Cancer

America loves wars. Currently, we are so busy fighting the ‶War
on Terrorism※ that we’ve forgotten about the thirty-year long
‶War on Cancer.※

The ‶War on Cancer※ was declared in 1971. It has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the only outcome is that cancer statistics have climbed from one out of eleven in the 1970’s to one out of two in 2002. more...

Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's Disease

Argh! Where are my glasses? I put them down . . . to do what?
And when?

As the daughter of an Alzheimer's patient, this inability to
keep up with everyday items, like my glasses and car keys,
drives me absolutely nuts! more...

What Prevents Alzheimer’s?

The answer is still ‶we don’t know,※ but we’re getting closer.

Alzheimer’s is not normal in the course of aging, and it’s more
than ‶a decline in memory.※ People suffering from Alzheimer’s,
through progressive destruction of brain cells, lose the ability
to think, reason, learn and communicate, and also undergo
personality changes. more...

Powerful Arthritis Pain Relief For All Of Us

When you ask what arthritis is, professionals will tell you it's
inflammation of one or more joints. But you know it better as
pain, swelling, stiffness, deformity, and/or a diminished range
of motion of those joints! more...

Enhancing Your Brain As You Age

As more Baby Boomers ‶come of age,※ the studies about aging
continue to pump in lots of new information to counteract former stereotypes. Science is discovering that ‶old※ rats given new toys and new playmates start growing new brain cells, and better brain cells. Imagine! more...

How to Supercharge your Energy Levels

Your energy levels will depend on several factors, including
genetics, nutrition, sleep habits, and emotional stress. Some of
these you have no control over But there is one VERY important
factor that you do have control over and that is your ability to
take part in physical exercise. Need a source of vast power and energy? more...


Good Healthy Food, for Natural Healing, Good Health and Antiaging.
We all know that Broccoli is a plant that is used at the Dinner Table as a vegetable with the main dish, it is very high in Antioxidants and very healthy for everyone. more...

"Skin Beauty... Do Antiaging Creams Really Turn Back the Clock?"

If you believe the television advertisements for skin care
products, then, your answer would be a definite yes. These TV
commercials suggest that if you use this or that product that
you too can have a flawless and beautiful complexion and, by
subtle inference be happy. more...

"The Biggest Boost for Overall Health and Wellbeing ... Ever!"

This article is going to tell you how you can... * Improve the
quality of your life. * Increase your energy levels. * Protect
yourself against viruses, flu's and colds. * Reduce the
likelihood of getting cancer. * Reduce the possibility of a
heart attack or stroke! * Slow down your aging. more...


As promised, here is an over-view of the main essential vitamins and minerals, BUT, rather than take them in isolation it is better to take a good multi-vitamin and mineral tablet aimed specifically at the over 50s. more...


It is said that the first thing a man does when he wakes in the morning is to look out of the window to see how the weather has changed overnight, and the first thing a women does on waking is to look in the mirror to see what the night has done to her face. more...

Foods to Fight Disease

When it comes to food, we can't ignore the facts - or the science. You need a healthy diet for a healthy life.
Research shows a healthy diet could help or prevent a number of health problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. And that number keeps growing as researchers learn more about how nutrition affects your health. more...

Senior Health care and well-being for the over 50's

Being over 50 does not have to mean declining health, nor declining fitness! Being active gives you more stamina, stronger muscles, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, a lower risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones), and improved posture - as well as making you feel and look better. It also boosts your energy levels and your confidence. more...


Cataracts are a common cause of vision loss but are easily treated by a qualified ophthalmologist. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, half of the people between age 52 and 64, and almost everyone over the age of 75, will have a cataract. More >>>


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Additional top advice for the over 50s- Retirement planning, Elderly benefits


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