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Health Clinics - Poland


Health Diagnostics - find peace of mind in Poland.

When it comes to your health, prevention is always better than cure, and there are now numerous private clinics that offer health diagnostic packages that involve a series of preventative medical examinations. Before you book an appointment at your local clinic, you might want to find out what's on offer in Poland. Alison Hope of StatMedica shows how you can save money by combining medical diagnostics with a city break in one of Europe's most fascinating countries.

With many illnesses, getting an early diagnosis is the key to the cure. Whether you have a family history of a particular condition, or simply want reassurance of a clean bill of health, health diagnostics can put your mind at rest. Scans and tests such as ECG, CT and MRI as well as blood tests and other diagnostic examinations can deliver an accurate diagnosis immediately. These tests can identify early signs of malignant tumours, blocked arteries and other potential conditions and illnesses, allowing preventative measures to be taken. While these tests may be accurate and comprehensive they do not come cheap in the United Kingdom.

As you may have read here on mabels.org.uk and as well as in the press, patients are saving money by travelling abroad for dental and medical treatment. Patients are also travelling to Poland for health diagnostics, because the benefits are clear:


You can save money.
The tests can be carried out in a day.
You can enjoy a city break at the same time.

You can save up to 70% by travelling to a private clinic in Poland, compared to health screening at a clinic at home in the United Kingdom. To give an example, an MRI scan would cost in the region of �1500 in London, yet in Warsaw the process would cost approximately �500.

Private clinics in Poland are clean, modern and equipped with the latest technologies, and scans and tests are carried out by highly qualified English speaking healthcare professionals. As with all medical procedures, it is essential that the patient is fully aware of the benefits and potential contraindications of diagnostic tests that they undergo.

Thanks to many of the low-cost airlines, travelling to Poland has never been so affordable, nor so convenient, with departures to cities like Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow from around the United Kingdom. Accommodation is also excellent value - whether you decide to stay in a budget conscious hotel, or somewhere more sophisticated.

If you or your loved-ones are considering health diagnostics, it definitely makes sense to consider your options in Poland, where you can save money, get peace of mind and enjoy a city break into the bargain.

StatMedica is a unique partnership with English-speaking staff in both the United Kingdom and in Poland. It offers a wide range of services for patients travelling to Poland for dental and medical treatment.

StatMedica works with highly regarded hospitals and clinics, which specialise in a variety of treatments, including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery, fertility treatment and general surgery. StatMedica selects its partner clinics based on a series of strict criteria.
StatMedica offers patients a personal service depending on their individual needs at every step of the process - from guidance on selecting the most suitable hospital to planning the logistic aspects of travel to Poland. English-speaking staff in Poland also provide local support, including airport transfer, translation and 24 hour care by an English-speaking healthcare professional.

If you have any further questions regarding treatment abroad, please call Alison Hope on 0780 571 5527 or e-mail enquiries@statmedica.co.uk. Alternatively visit www.statmedica.com


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