Formula One: not a young man's sport
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Formula One: not a young man’s sport





Too many sports today are ruled by young men. The players begin their careers before they are out of their teens, and most are considered “past it” by the age of 30. They rise to the top fast and fade out even faster. Both the youth and the fleeting nature of competitive championships are generally reflected in a good proportion of the fans. Young glory hunters attend games to chant and cheer with all the animalistic passion of youth. Players become idols both on and off the pitch, enjoying sponsorship from sports brands, aftershaves, fashion houses and energy drinks. All these products are aimed at a youthful, unquestioning audience.


This is not so with Formula One. There is no glory hunting here; just appreciation for the sleek, powerful machines and the skill and precision of the drivers. There is a respect – an awe – an appreciation and a patience that comes only with age. 


For fans of F1, involvement and engagement does not come cheap. With races spanning multiple continents each season, following the sport is a fantastic opportunity to travel; however, doing so requires a good deal of time and money. Travelling across the globe to enjoy the passion and power of F1 is a much larger commitment than heading to the local football ground each weekend. Perhaps this is why fans of this prestigious sport tend to be well established in their field and their years. Following F1 is often a lifelong passion finally realised by the successful retiree.


Bernie Ecclestone pointed out that F1 is simply not marketed towards younger generations. He made it quite clear that he wants no part of social media campaigns aimed at acquiring a horde of young fans and indicated that sponsors of the sport were well aware of the target audience. What would a teenager want with a Rolex or a UBS account? It is almost certain they would not be interested in or be able to afford such items. F1 is a sport for the older generation of fans. It is refined: a gentleman’s sport.


Max Mosley, president of the FIA from 1993 to 2009 is the epitome of the debonair aging gentleman who has cut a distinguished figure throughout his career. Mosley started driving at a young age, racing cars in his leisure time. He has matured within the sport, moving up the ranks from a legal advisor to president of the governing body. Throughout his years with F1, he has enjoyed more than the average man’s share of beautiful racing cars and beautiful destinations. He perfectly exemplifies the distinguished true fans of the sport and you can read more about Mosley at


Those who have spent a lifetime working hard and now have the time to enjoy the fruits of their labours could do a lot worse than developing a passion for F1. Involvement with F1 can be seen as a sign of status and success. Through this passion, you have the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations; you can see the shining machines up close and feel their power as they speed by















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