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FITNESS AT 50+ with
By Pauline Eborall & Patricia Furber


A beginner's guide to essential strength exercises for the 50's age group onwards who want to be FIT FOR LIFE

If you are 50,60,70 or 80+and want to gain fitness, start exercising now to improve muscle and bone strength and general health with easy weight bearing and resistance exercises at home or at the gym and stay stronger & younger longer.

Research shows that many of physical failings attributed to aging and declining health are very often the result of INACTIVITY and can be REVERSED. Strength can be MAINTAINED or REGAINED even into our 90's. The earlier we start the better but even very late starters will find that regular strength training (weight bearing and resistance exercise) can give the following benefits.

- Increased muscle strength and tone
- Bone density growth
- Lower blood pressure,
- Lower cholesterol
- Improved mobility
- Increased stamina
- Improved posture & balance,
- Improved circulation,
- Lessening arthritic pain
- More energy
- Improved breathing and digestion
- Lessening the effects of stress,
- Depression lifted
- Weight loss
- Re-shaping the body.
- Feeling and looking younger
- Preventing falls

(note that in the elderly it is WEAK MUSCLES that cause falls, POOR BONE DENSITY causes the fractures).

Fitness at 50+ can be purchased as an e-book and downloaded directly from www.kintburypublishing.co.uk or provided on cd by contacting Pauline & Pat
by email on fitness@kintburypublishing.co.uk The price is �9.99 and includes a book of water based exercises + a book of health and beauty hints.
There are also available a few hard copies available of the first edition of Wonderful Ways with Weights which can be obtained by emailing us.

ISBN NO. 978-0-9554605-1-7



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