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Equitable life pension compensation

Did you lose out with Equitable Life?


Dear Colleagues

As announced earlier last week the EMAG European website, www.emageurope.org is now fully operational and up and running. I would like to thank on our behalf Paul Weir and Steve Wynn from EMAG for building it and David Barker from our own group for advising on links. If you go to the links section you will see that we are already linking to the Newspaper/Media websites who have supported us and some have already reciprocated. We are now working on links to our other supporters. I know that several of you do have your own website(s) and would be obliged if you will link to http://www.emageurope.org/links.php. This is another good tool we now have at our disposal in fighting our campaign.

Earlier I mailed you details of an article that has just been published in the Money section of the Daily Mail entitled "Equitable Life members step up pressure on Gordon Brown for �4.5billion bail-out" Please go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1080561/ If you haven't done so yet please make sure that you read it.

I have been asked by some of you what I think of Alistair Darling's remarks that he will fall back on the Penrose report. I will pr�cis what has happened so far:-

" In 2006 the European Parliament voted for compensation

" February 2008 the UK Government bails out Northern Rock

" July 2008 the UK Parliamentary Ombudsman issues her report recommending compensation

" August 2008 We all receive a letter from Equitable Life signed by Vanni Treves

" October 2008 the UK Government bails out, amongst others, Bradford & Bingley, HBOS, Icesave, RBS et all but no Equitable Life

As reported before the following will be happening:-

" The second evidence section of PASC has been announced and confirmed dates are;
30th October - Ann Abraham
11th November - EMAG & Vanni Treves
13th November - Industry so-called experts

" An all party MP group on Insurance & Financial Services will be meeting;
12th November - Vanni Treves & Charles Thomson
20th November - EMAG

" On the 1st December Ann Abraham will address the European Parliament

It is therefore imperative that we now all keep up the pressure on our MPs and MEPs. As I said last week I copy this mail to my old constituency Mole Valley and I know that one of our members forwards a copy to Michael Howard MP and ask that you all do the same. We can also write/mail to the newspapers/media. There is an excellent site of world newspapers at www.world-newspapers.com. It lists both national, local and expat newspapers for all countries.

New MPs/MEPS written to are; James Elles MEP (Con. SE England) and the Rt. Hon. Sir George Young MP (Con. N.W. Hampshire), whilst a second member has written to James Gray MP (Con. North Wiltshire).


I have pleasure in confirming our group membership is now 96 (four more for the 100) covering; Algarve, Antibes (2), Argeles-sur-Mer, Argentat, Athens, Auch, Aude, Auzon, Barzan, Baud, Bergerac, Beziers, Brittany (4), Carcassonne, Charente Maratime (5), Chatearoux, Chatillon-�-Mont, Clermont Ferrand, Condom (2), Costa del Sol (5), Cote-D'Or, Crevant, Ecoine, Eymet, Grasse (2), Haute-Vienne, Hyeres - VAR, Indre, Kill Co. Kildare, Leval, Lunas (2), Maine et Loire, Maligny (2), Mayenne (3), Mios, Mirande, Moulins sur Allier, Morvan (2), Mourede, Morix, Nerac, Nice, Nievre, Normandy (5), Pays de la Loire (2), Poittier, Provence, Puy de D�me, Pyr�n�es Atlantigue, Pyr�n�es Orientales (2), Rhodes, St. Cyprien (2), St. Philbert du Peuple, Saintes, Sarlet, Saux, Strasbourg, Sud Charente and Villefranche-sur-Mer. Our country geographical spread is France 82, Greece 2, Ireland 1, Portugal 1 and Spain 5. If your local town does not appear please let me know, as a few of you still have to advise me, and I will add it to the list.

Letters to MPs/MEPs

The list continues to grow and now includes; Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot (Con. North East Hants), Adam Afriyie (Con. Windsor), John Bercow (Con. Buckingham), Sir Paul Beresford (Con. Mole Valley), Sharon Bowles MEP (Lib. Dem. SE England), Julian Brazier (Con. Canterbury), Ben Bradshaw (Lab. Exeter), Simon Burns (Con. West Chelmsford), Alistair Burt (Con. NE Bedford), David Cameron (Con. Whitney), Douglas Carswell (Con. Harwich), James Elles MEP (Con. SE England), Roger Gale (Con. Thanet West), James Gray, two members, (Con. North Wiltshire), Dominic Grieve (Con. Beaconsfield), Nick Harvey (Lib. Dem. North Devon), Keith Hill (Lab. Streatham), Michael Howard (Con. Folkestone & Hythe), David Howarth (Lib. Dem. Cambridge), Paul Keetch (Lib. Dem. Hereford), Glenys Kinnock MEP (Lab. Party of the European Socialists), (Norman Lamb (Lib. Dem. North Norfolk), Maria Miller, (Con. Basingstoke), Laura Moffat MP (Lab. Crawley), Ashley Mote MEP (NI. United Kingdom), Brooks Newark (Con. Braintree), Alex Salmand MP (SNP Banff & Buchan), Alison Seabeck (Lab. Plymouth, Devonport), Andy Slaughter (Lab. Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush), Robert Walter (Con. North Dorset), Nigel Waterson (Con. Eastbourne), Prof. Steve Webb (Lib. Dem. Nothavon), Dr. Tony Wright (Lab. Cannock Chase) and Rt. Hon. Sir George Young (Con. N.W. Hampshire). Anybody who has written and their MPs/MEPs name(s) isn't here please let me know.

Members requiring MP contact details please go to www.parliament.uk/directions/ and there is a list of e: mail/ website contact details for every MP and if you require details for your MEP go to www.europarl.org.uk. If you need assistance composing your letter please go to www.emag.org.uk then tab to the right and down a little and there is a template.

Petitions: Number10.gov.uk
As I write this 216 people have signed. When you get a couple of spare minutes can you all add your signatures please? Also our spouses/families/friends can also add their support. Please note the petition will only accept one signature per mailing address. The solution is to open separate Gmail and Hot Mail Accounts, which are of course free.

No news yet on the Daily Telegraph petition but will advise in due course. Other things going on.

Letter from Equitable Life - A decade of regulatory failure

Like all other current/former Equitable Life policy holders I received a letter from Equitable Life dated August 2008 entitled Parliamentary Ombudsman's report, Equitable Life: A decade of regulatory failure which I copied and mailed to you all. Vanni Treves, Chairman and Charles Thomson, Chief Executive signed the letter. I have now had "twelve" of you contact me to say you didn't receive their copy. It is important, for two reasons, that you receive a copy from Equitable Life. Firstly it proves that they have your current mailing address which will be needed when the Government finally agrees to pay out the compensation due to us. My advice when contacting Aylesbury is to send your letter by recorded delivery.

Parliamentary Ombudsman's Report
You can read the report for yourself on the Parliamentary Ombudsman's website www.ombudsman.org.uk

Radio Interview update - Expatsradio
I have given an update to the above which can be heard on www.box424.com.

Foot Soldiering / Website Campaign
The "foot soldiering" campaign is going very well and we are picking up referrals from notice boards. English style grocers/Sports clubs/various associations/pubs/bars/dramatic societies/book shops are other favorite expat meeting places. Keep those websites coming as there are loads of expat local expat websites like this one.

I attach again document "Lose Out 1" which is the standard format I use when contacting newspapers/magazines/websites or pinning up notices on message boards in expat meeting places. Please feel free to do the same when you find somebody who might be able to help us. Again don't forget, whenever possible, to link up to the radio interview I gave which can be found on www.box424.com and can also be heard on www.amb-cotedazur.com and www.costa-action.co.uk.

Appreciations & Thanks

Newspapers & Media
Amb-Cotedazur.com, English language guide to the French Riviera - www.amb-cotedazur.com
Athens News - English language Greek newspaper - www.athensnews.gr
Connexion (The), English language French newspaper - www.connexionfrance.com
Costa del Sol Action Group, English action group - www.costa-action.co.uk
Cyprus Weekly, English language Cypriot newspaper - www.cyprusweekly.com
Euro Weekly News, English language Spanish newspaper - www.euroweeklynews.com
Expatsradio, English language radio website - www.box424.com
French News, English language French newspaper - www.french-news.com
Get Real, English language Portuguese newspaper - www.getrealweekly.com
Informer (The), English language Italian newspaper - www.informer.it
International Herald Tribune, English language European newspaper - www.iht.com
New Entertainer (The), English language Spanish newspaper - www.elindalico.com
Portugal News, English language Portuguese newspaper - www.the-news.net
Resident, English language Portuguese newspaper - www.portugalresident.com
Resident (The), English language Spanish newspaper - www.theresident.eu
Riviera Reporter (The), English language French newspaper - www.rivierareporter.com
Spanish Sun News, English language Spanish newspaper - www.spanishsunnewspaper.com
SUR, English language Spanish newspaper - www.surinenglish.com

English Expat Websites
Amicale Culturelle Europenne - www.amicale-culturelle.eu
Anglo Info, English language website for living/moving to France - www.angloinfo.com
Aude & Ariege Flyer of Routier, An interesting English language electronic magazine - www.audeflyer.com
Complete France, English language website dedicated to living in France - www.completefrance.com
Euromayenne, English/French language meeting place - www.euromayenne.org
Expats, Anglophile news website - www.expats.org.uk
French Liaison of Eymet, Anglophile assist group - www.french-liasion.com
Languedoc Page, English language website based in Languedoc - www.the-languedoc-pag.com
This French Life, English language website about life in France - www.thisfrenchlife.com
Total France, Anglophile news website - www.totalfrance.com/france
Wikio News Your Way - www.wikio.co.uk

Various Other Supporters
Barker, David (member), Personal website - www.dbarker.club.fr
Bobs Books from the Gers, New and second book stall
Christie's of Gencay, English Bookshop/Tea Room/Internet Access/Greetings Cards/ - www.chezchristies.com
Churchill's of Condom, Unique English style grocer - churchills-condom@aliceadsl.fr
Dalton, David (member) Animal Photographer - www.daviddalton.org
Encore Theatre Group, Theatre group based in Charente Maritime - www.encore-theatre.org
Intermarche of Condom & Nerac, Large French supermarket chain - www.intermarche.com
Jones, Ted (member) Writer - www.tedjoneswriter.com
Lakeside News, Anglo/French Association -

Lastly once again a big thanks you to all of you who have been pro-active and supportive. Any additional contact ideas will most definitely be highly appreciated. Please feel free to use and publish any of the above material.

Many Thanks & Kindest Regards





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