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Elliptical Trainers for the

Young at Heart

Once upon a time, people had mostly manual labor related jobs (like farming) that kept them in good physical condition. Many years later, everyone jogged for good health. Unfortunately, along with weight loss and a well-tuned cardiovascular system, you often got shin splints from running on concrete all the time, and your forays into the world of exercise were often limited by weather -- it's no fun to run in rain, or on ice. There was always the stereotypical health club crowd, if you wanted to deal with either dumb jocks hogging the machines, or singles posturing in their skimpy workout suits. And let's not forget the never-ending fees.

Fortunately, clever people with umlauts in their names finally came to the conclusion that there was a market for good-quality home exercise machines, and started to release them to a grateful public. You can peruse the online treadmill reviews for the very latest in the high-tech world of running in place, but the big money these days is in ellipticals. And it doesn't matter what your age, everyone can benefit from a good elliptical workout. Ellipticals are the number one workout machine because they are "impact free". Because of the low impact and highly efficient benefits of the elliptical trainer, they are an exceptional choice for exercisers that may have knee or other joint problems or for other individuals who may by participating in some form of rehabilitation program.

Squashed circles

There are those things in nature, like planets and thrown boomerangs, that move in slightly squashed circles called ellipses. As it turns out, elliptical movement is also the most efficient movement for exercise. Running, walking and swimming are great in this regard, but nothing beats the elliptical movement found in cross-country skiing (See? Those guys with the umlauts were way ahead of us). The exercise industry's response to this discovery was to build a wide range of complicated machines they called elliptical trainers, the point of which was not merely to get you moving elliptically, but also to get your whole body in on the act. Instead of just your feet moving back and forth, elliptical exercise machines use a variety of items from hand pedals to simulated ski-poles to make your arms move rhythmically, too. The best part? You can do it in the comfort of your own home. No more hormonally challenged jocks and chatty singles to deal with. No more excuses like, "It's raining," or "Falling down on the ice really hurts." There are no more justifiable excuses for not getting your necessary dose of exercise every day!

Expensive coat racks

Take a look at a few elliptical trainer reviews, and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that there are about a million different kinds of elliptical exercise machines out there. You're not far off the mark. Every fitness-machine manufacturer has its own line of machines, usually consisting of at least 3-5 different models, and there are plenty of other manufacturers you've never heard of who apparently just decided that they'd take a shot at the elliptical market and see what happened. For this reason you can get an elliptical machine (or reasonable facsimile thereof) that folds up and hides under your bed, or takes pride-of-place in its own half of your bedroom. You can get purported ellipticals that cost less than $200, or health-club quality for more than $6,000. You can get cheap-jack items made of metal that's dented by a hard look, and space-age impervious titanium studded with electronics, equipped with an own onboard computer programmed with every possible scenario from Sahara to Everest.

Your goal is to find the elliptical that's right for your budget, lifestyle, and schedule. While we don't doubt your commitment to fitness, it makes no sense to pay a couple of grand for a top-notch trainer that's going to spend most of its life as a freeform sculpture in your living room or, at best, a clothes rack. Peruse those reviews, find something that's right for you, and why not consider a used or refurbished elliptical? There are plenty available.

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