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10 Tips to consider when
Downsizing" for retirement


Should I /Shouldn't I - this may be the hardest decision you have had to make in years, but at some stage it is a decision that we will all come too. Our family home may no longer suit our needs and moving to a more appropriate property that can accommodate us into our retirement may be a better option.


Planning - once you have made the decision to move you should plan each stage of the process as there will be several stages to consider. Preparing the house for sale, searching for a suitable home and relocating.


Small steps - rather than being overwhelmed about what is ahead of you, just consider one stage at a time and put your energy into that. If you try to view the whole process at once, you may feel paralysed into doing nothing.


Don't be afraid to ask for help and support - your friends and family may only be a phone call away.


Be kind to yourself - this can be an emotional and stressful time, so make sure you take the time to look after yourself and plan to do a little bit each day as there is always tomorrow.


What is important to keep - consider your furniture, possessions and what your needs may be for the future. The way you live now may not be the same when you move to your new home.


Know the value of your items - when downsizing, many of your possessions may need to be sold, donated or given away to family and friends. You may have a lot of capital invested in art collects, furniture etc. that could assist in the way you lead your life in the future. Ensure that you realise the full potential of your assets.


Family & friends - in preparing your house to sell and in planning your retirement move, personal items that you no longer need or can accommodate may be valued and appreciated by family members and friends. It can be very uplifting to see these items in a new home.


Preparing your home for sale - ensure that your property is presented in it's best possible light so that it can be sold in the shortest amount of time and for the highest possible price. Releasing capital could make a difference in the lifestyle you lead in retirement.


Be positive - and embrace your future move. It may be a time of change and can be unsettling, but often the outcome is far better than the life you are leading now. Isolation, lack of transport, huge bills and maintenance costs can be a drain on resources and by moving to a more manageable property, life could become a whole lot easier.




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