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Cheaper dental & medical treatment abroad - Poland


Dentistry in Poland - Something to Smile About.

Facing a dental bill of hundreds or even thousands of pounds is really nothing to smile about, but there is an alternative.... just a two and a half hour flight away, in the heart of Europe. Alison Hope of StatMedica looks at dental treatment in Poland and shows why thousands of dental patients can't be wrong.

The thought of travelling to another country to visit a dentist may seem excessive, however for many dental patients, it is the only way that they can get treatment that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. In Poland, for example, the cost of treatment in a top private clinic can cost up to 70% less than in the United Kingdom.

When you consider that some procedures like dental implants can mean a bill of several thousand pounds, definitely makes sense - even once you've taken the cost of flights and accommodation into consideration. In fact, as the budget airlines increase the number of connections between cities in the United Kingdom and destinations across Poland, there has never been a cheaper or more convenient time to travel to Poland.

Dental implants are popular with patients travelling to Poland: A patient can expect to pay in the region of £2, 400 for a single implant at a dental clinic in the United Kingdom, yet would pay approximately £800 in Poland. This price comparison is based on both dentists using identical materials - the same brands of dental implant that are used by dentists in the United Kingdom are also used in Poland, and in most cases come with a 5-10 year guarantee.

Why is the cost of dentistry so much lower in Poland than in the United Kingdom? The reason for lower prices is the fact that the cost of living is a lot lower - compared to the United Kingdom, salaries are lower, as are services such as dental and medical treatment.

So what can you expect at a dental clinic in Poland? Think of everything that you would want in a world-class clinic: Warsaw's leading private clinics are modern and equipped with the latest technologies. Hygiene and infection control are considered as a priority and English is widely spoken. In fact, many Polish dentists have spent time working in the United Kingdom or North America, as part of their training and ongoing development, so there is no need to worry about your treatment ending up lost in translation.

Patients who are planning dental treatment abroad are often advised to be thorough in their research. In some cases, it makes sense to fly out for an initial consultation with the dentist. This is one city break that you can justify, especially when a return flight from Birmingham to Warsaw can now cost less than a train ticket from London to Bristol, and it enables the dentist to assess the procedure and provide the patient with an accurate price and time-scale. Making an initial visit for the first consultation also gives you a perfect opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with the dentist, and visit the clinic at a relaxed pace.

While a trip to the dentist is not usually something to look forward to, many dental patients like to make the most of their visit to Poland. Whether you enjoy visiting historic sites, or taking a gentle stroll through parks and gardens, Warsaw has plenty to keep you entertained and take your mind off your root-canal treatment. And the historic old town provides the perfect backdrop to a coffee and cake, or maybe even a beer or two...

StatMedica is a unique partnership with English-speaking staff in both the United Kingdom and in Poland. It offers a wide range of services for patients travelling to Poland for dental and medical treatment.

StatMedica works with highly regarded hospitals and clinics, which specialise in a variety of treatments, including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery, fertility treatment and general surgery. StatMedica selects its partner clinics based on a series of strict criteria.
StatMedica offers patients a personal service depending on their individual needs at every step of the process - from guidance on selecting the most suitable hospital to planning the logistic aspects of travel to Poland. English-speaking staff in Poland also provide local support, including airport transfer, translation and 24 hour care by an English-speaking healthcare professional.

If you have any further questions regarding treatment abroad, please call Alison Hope on 0780 571 5527 or e-mail enquiries@statmedica.co.uk. Alternatively visit www.statmedica.com

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