Dementia Support - Actions Changing Attitudes.
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Dementia Support -
Actions Changing Attitudes.




There has been a huge push over the past year alone to help change to way Dementia is viewed, not just in the UK, but across the world. While once considered a natural part of ageing, there has been tremendous momentum in changing attitudes and giving support to the families and individuals affected by it. Now absolutely accepted as a chronic disease, there has been so much action taken to help.



Some real highlights have been the Dementia Learning Pack brought out by Dr. Ruth Barlett and artist Caroline Hick. The pack, named 'No Limits: Reimagining Life With Dementia' is designed to "help inform and educate the wider community about the hope and strengths of living with dementia".



Consisting of a wealth of information, as well as postcards with slogans and even a documentary film, it shines an extremely positive light on the disease. It's been so well received that the next step is for the pack is to be rolled out to teachers and schools, so that they can pass on the information and get the right attitude into the mind of our young people early on.



Following suit with the idea of fighting dementia, our cousins on the other side of the world have begun work on what they hope will be a form of prevention. Leading the way with the first ever publicly-funded program, Alzheimer's Australia believe there is significant evidence to suggest that keeping the brain healthy goes hand in hand with a more active lifestyle and looking after your heart.



Chief executive Glenn Rees is convinced that by reducing inactivity in Australia by just 5%, prevalence of dementia could be slashed by a further 11% over the year few decades. That's a huge number when you consider that almost 300,000 people in Australia alone are currently living with dementia.



Back on our own shores, it's not just small pockets of individuals that are on the fighting front of the disease. After scrapping previous services for dementia patients in the UK, a huge amount of public demand and a generous grand from the Health Lottery means that a brand new service is taking over the reins to support dementia sufferers and their families in the UK.



Originally funded by the Greater Manchester NHS foundation trust, the mantle has now passed onto Dementia UK and Making Space; a mental health support service, who will be operating under the new name of 'NHS Bolton Admiral Nurses'. Not only do they specialise in support of those affected by dementia, but in many cases they'll be able to suggest to coping strategies and even new methods of communication. All of which are integral to improving the quality of life for those suffering from dementia.



Learn more about the Dementia support networks available for those suffering, as well as their families.





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