Deer antler velvet
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Deer Antler Velvet




Deer Antler Velvet is basically the byproduct of traditional Chinese medicine which like other traditional medicine has been used by the Chinese even before the advent of modern medicine. Before modern science jumped into the field, a lot of research and experiments had been done with encouraging results. Velvet antler as suggested by its name, actually refers to the velvety layer on the growing antlers; rather, it points to the whole cartilaginous antler in the pre-calcified skin which falls of the antlers every year.




Every medicine is supposed to have a target area of revival, specially a medicine that is designed as a supplement or enhancing properties. This product is used for a wide range of health problems specially related to physical weaknesses. Deer velvet is used to boost strength and vigor, especially by enhancing the way our immune system works. This in turn also enhances the capability of illness recovery in our system, especially in older patients where the immune system gets weakened over the years. Some other highly recommended treatments include the health problems like cholesterol, blood pressure, muscle tenderness, feeble bones & cartilage, headaches, liver & kidney problems, back aches, skin infections and a bladder that behaves abnormally. It is said to have a positive effect on the circulation and production of blood and sharpen certain reflexes.


Treatment for sexual disorders:


This drug or its variants have been also supplemented as being anti-aging and performance boosting. The tendencies of unfavorable sexual reflexes, may it be slow or non-reactive. It helps in promoting youthful reflexes especially by raising the estrogen levels, increase libido. It also increases fertility; interest is sexual activities and treats sexual performance issues like ED (erectile dysfunction). This just not only does wonders for men but female problems like menstrual and menopause are also solved by this magical drug/product.


Deer Antler Velvet is also helpful for children who have the problem of slow learning or not up to the normal standards. This magic wonder fights mental slowness, slow growth and cartilage related issues.


Herbal combinations:


This powder when combined with the herbal world does more wonders, which has been proven with results over the time. This enhances sporting abilities, eyesight and hearing. It also helps in the rebuilding of tissues for athletes as they are the most probable targets of arthritis, osteoporosis and anemia. As explained before, it also helps women in reproductive anomalies and skin related issues.




This natural product which is called the 'fountain of youth comes into the limelight as the best shot of humans have in the ever-going war against ageing. Deer antler velvet is easily taken in spray form as it bypasses the liver and more goes into the bloodstream rather than tablet form where up to 60% is wasted in the stomach.





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