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Debt Solutions for You



Debt panics people. When people panic they tend, for the most part, to stick their heads in the financial sand and hope it all goes away. For a short time it may even be possible to juggle monies around, rob Peter to pay Paul and put off until tomorrow what really should have been paid yesterday. But eventually things do come to a head, brought on by unexpected bills perhaps in the form of pet care, car repair or home care repairs, all of which can be substantial expenses especially for the unprepared.


If you feel this is you then now is the time to do something about it. The UK government, recognising that debt is a growing concern during this double-dip recession, has had legal requirements put in place to give everyone a fair chance to get out of debt and move forward with their lives.


The first step is, once you have taken your head out of the sand and admitted that you have a debt problem, to contact a UK registered debt advisory company. Be sure to select one which is recognised by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). When you make initial contact the debt specialists will expertly handle your call without making you feel embarrassed or ashamed at your debt status. The most difficult stage has now been completed in making you debt free.


Depending upon the type and level of debt you have and whether it is secured or unsecured, your advisor will be able to assist you towards either debt consolidation or an IVA (called a Trust Deed in Scotland). Your debt advisory company will have specialist IVA advisors to guide you through this process if appropriate. There are many advantages of an IVA, one of which is the freezing of interest rates to enable you to repay the balance more quickly.


When you enlist the help of a debt management company you will no longer receive creditor calls and letters and there's no more dreading the arrival of the postman. As long as you stick to your new financial agreement, creditors will not contact you and if they do it will be via your debt representatives.


Take the first step to a lighter, brighter future and make yourself debt free forever.



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