Brilliant days out for ladies and gentlemen
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Brilliant days out
for ladies and gentlemen






The UK is packed with opportunities for great days out, from going to museums and theatres to watching great sporting events. You can visit the beautiful countryside – take a picnic and relax by a river bank – or you can go to one of the many superb theme parks that will give you the chance to take rollercoaster rides to challenge your sense of adventure.



If you're looking to have a day out in Britain that harks to the traditional but will give you and your family lots of fun and enjoyment, here are a few to consider.



A walk in the park



Simple, enjoyable, lots of grass, flowers and trees, usually a good playground for the children, and perhaps a boating pool or a mini-railway. It's a great way to have a day out, taking a picnic and letting the kids have fun while you relax – though you may have to keep an eye on those kids of course!



A walk in a different park



Why not combine a walk with some sculpture? Head down to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield – it's a huge area of green parkland dotted with amazing sculptures from world-famous artists, such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, and set in a landscape that invites exploration. There's a lake, a visitor centre and an underground gallery with temporary exhibitions. Kids love the outside space and are fascinated by the artworks.



A day at the races


Have you ever had or wanted a pony? Have your kids asked you but you don't have the space yet? Then get them up close to some magnificent horses by going to the races.


There's nothing quite like seeing horses pounding down a racecourse and flashing past you in the blink of an eye; you won't forget that sheer sensation of power and control as they strain for the winning post and ultimate glory.



There are few, if any, races as iconic as the Grand National, and that's one of the best days out you could have. Up to 40 magnificent horses competing over huge jumps makes for a compelling, heart-stopping spectacle.



You'll want a little flutter on the race, so check out the Grand National site for the best racing news, information about the odds and betting tips; download the betting app as well. Then talk with the family about who you're going to back. You may find you have more than one, but that's all part of the fun.



Anyone for tennis?



The great event is Wimbledon, and if you can get tickets, then there's little to compare with the thrill of being up close to the likes of Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. It's traditional but such a great event that it transcends tradition and brings the excitement and tension of this great tournament right into the 21st century.



Choose what you want



Whether you want peaceful relaxation or the thrills of a sporting event or a theme park, you can choose family outings to suit yourselves and spend as much or as little as you like.


















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