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It doesn’t matter what name we call the infection found in the urinary system such as cystitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), and bladder infection. Because symptoms and the pain experienced is what make more discomfort on infection occurrence. And if the infection problem is not been treated early on the symptoms occurrence then consequence of the infection spreading over other parts of the urinary tract will lead to severe health burden. One of two women has the possibility of urinary tract infections at once during the lifetime. In case of men, bladder infections occur when they associated with the problem of enlarged prostate or many different reasons such as spinal injury or ms..



Commonly antibiotics are the prescribed treatment for any urinary tract infections. As a side-effect the antibiotic usage will not only destroy the bad bacteria cell but also the good one. This may lead to some health problems. D-mannose is a simple sugar which is effective against the e.coli bug the cause of 90% of urinary tract infections and also help to prevent the infection occurrence. D-mannose contains sugar like substances which relatively close to glucose which is normally found in fruits such as apples, cranberries, blueberries, peaches and beech / birch trees.. D-mannose is considered safe and nutritionally enhanced health supplement as it doesn’t metabolized, the D-mannose will not get in the regulated way of blood sugar.



This makes the D-mannose much safer to use on diabetic patients who undergo with the problem of urinary tract infection. In research, it has been found that most of urinary tract infection is caused by the E.Coli bug. E.Coli is referred as a microorganism which commonly found in digestive tract and anal area. Most of the bacteria found in urine will be flushed out from the bladder on urination. But the bacteria of E.Coli will stick up to the bladder cells by using lectins molecules which act as a glue so as to bind bladder with the bacterial cells. This is what makes it harder to flush out on urination process. The chemical structure found in the D-Mannose product makes the E.Coli bug attracted to the  d-mannose and sticks to it so the next time urination takes place  the e.coli and d-mannose is flushed  out leaving the bladder infection free..



So D-mannose will prevent the bacteria from sticking up on tract lining. On experimental analysis, it is been found that D-mannose eliminated the bacteria on rats based upon the dosage. It is also been found that D-mannose significantly eliminates the bacteria in single day consumption. E.Coli bacteria will get coated by the D-mannose exist in the urine where the D-mannose will unstuck the bacteria from bladder walls therein it is washed out from the body on urination. It is possible to consume D-mannose for preventing urinary tract infection all the time without fearing about the side-effect. D-mannose can be used by all ages and is safe for long term use.





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