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Cruises for the Older Generation


Being retired means you’ve got more time to enjoy life. You’re not tied to travelling in the school holidays, or only having a certain number of holiday days each year because of work. Because of this, it’s possible to take longer holidays, and really enjoy the experience properly. One type of holiday to be considered are cruises. It’s a great way to experience new things, and enjoy a fantastic holiday at the same time.


Cruising as a holiday means being able to rest and relax while you travel from place to place. Go to bed moored in one harbour, and wake up the next morning in a harbour in a different country. Travelling this way doesn’t involve lost luggage, missed connections, or any of the other holiday horrors many people experience. You board your floating hotel, and straight away you can start enjoying your holiday experience with good food, pool to sit by, entertainment laid on, and much more.



There are many destinations that you can choose to cruise to, and many different types of cruises, from short breaks lasting just a few days where you sail close to home, to 80day long cruises that take you right around the world.



One area that is very popular is the Mediterranean. Here, you can enjoy the sun baked coastlines of France, Spain and Italy, as well as the Greek islands. Many different Cruise lines offer trips here, and one of those is Princess Cruises. They visit many different ports in many different countries, from Athens in Greece, to Venice in Italy and Tunis in Tunisia taking in the culture in each location and enjoying excursions to see the various sights.




Excursions are what make a cruise more than just sailing across the water. In Venice for example, excursions can include an introduction to Venice where you discover the highlights that Venice can offer such as the Doges Palace and the infamous Bridge of Sighs and of course St Marks square. With a Venetian Islands and Gondola excursion you would ride in a motor launce through the Venetian Lagoon, passing various important landmarks along the way, take a trip to a Murano glass factory, and enjoy a trip in a gondola along some of the smaller canals.




No matter where you choose to go, or who you choose to travel with, resting on board your cruise ship, and taking excursions onto land is a wonderful experience, and one very suited to life after retirement.



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