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Eat your Way to a Healthy Wallet with Confused.com


Don't let the credit crunch give you a rumbling belly

You don't have to give up treats or eat half portions in these financially challenging times, just use Confused.com's savings tips to slim down your food bill while getting more for less.

Don't shop when you're hungry

It's a classic tip but very true: if you're peckish when you shop, you'll stack the trolley higher. So always fill yourself up before filling your trolley.

Shop online

Many supermarkets offer online shopping these days, and even though many charge for the service, you'll be surprised how much you could save by avoiding the temptation to fill your trolley with impulse purchases. You'll also save a little on petrol too if your nearest supermarket happens to be miles away.

Snip and save with coupons

Don't be a voucher sloucher! Snip coupons from magazines and newspapers or follow the link to find loads of online voucher deals. As well as store discounts, you can also find restaurant meal deals as well as savings on supermarket purchases.

Use a cashback credit card

If you regularly pay your credit card bill in full at the end of the month, then a cashback credit card could benefit you. For every pound you spend on one of these cards, you receive a percentage back. For example, you could earn £1 for every £100 you spend.

Cash back bonuses are usually paid annually, so you could treat yourself to a little something extra with your rebate.

Take a packed lunch

Of course, spending on food doesn't just stop with the weekly shop - we often spend more than necessary on take-out sandwiches and coffees during our lunch breaks.

Taking something from home to eat at lunchtime is likely to save you at least a couple of quid a day. This all adds up during the week so why not treat yourself to a latte and cake on Friday - it'll taste so much better knowing the savings you've made!

Be a lady (or lad) who lunches

Going out for dinner with friends is an expensive luxury. But you don't have to become a hermit and miss out entirely.

Lunchtime menus are usually a lot cheaper and you're less likely to spend as much on extras like wine. Again, check online to see if you can find some restaurant voucher codes.

Keep a full fridge

Did you know that keeping your fridge full can actually save you money? A full fridge/freezer takes significantly less energy to chill than an empty one, thus giving you extra savings on your household utilities bill.

You can find loads more ways to save by visiting the Confused.com Money pages.





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