Contact lenses for convenience
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Contact lenses
for convenience



As we age and our eyesight deteriorates, corrective lenses of some sort will likely become necessary. For some of us, wearing glasses is the correction of choice. For others, the idea of wearing even the most fashionable of frames is a sign of old age and something we want to avoid. Thankfully, we have an alternative that has become more and more sophisticated, safe to use and fashionable in its design. That alternative is the contact lens.



Contact lenses, also known simply as “contacts”, were invented in the late 18th century in Switzerland by German ophthalmologist Adolf Fick. These first lenses were crafted from blown glasses and could only be worn for a few hours at a time due to their thickness and weight. Since then, the contact lens market has launched new and innovative styles that have seen the weight of the lenses decrease, making them more comfortable and easier to wear for longer periods of time.



The next great obstacle for contact lenses was the inability for oxygen to reach the eye when they were being worn. This was finally overcome in the late 1990s with the release of silicon hydrogel-based lenses. Today’s contact lenses are highly permeable, soft and comfortable, more durable than previous generations and may offer us the ability to correct our vision without the need for invasive surgery.



Advantages of contact lenses



There are a number of reasons why contact lenses are the most convenient way of correcting your vision. First of all, contact lenses are extremely comfortable. Even if you have sensitive eyes or allergies, it is possible to successfully wear contact lenses and maintain the health of your eyes. Depending on your personal preference, you can select contact lenses that require daily removal and cleaning, or you may opt for the additional convenience of specialty lenses that allow you to leave them in for anywhere from a week to a month without cleaning. These contact lenses are then disposed of and a fresh pair inserted.



Contacts also provide convenience for your active lifestyle. Wearing contacts while you enjoy physical activities both indoors and outdoors means that your vision will never be obscured by steam or fogging as can happen with glasses. Contacts may even be worn while showering or swimming, provided that you are careful and keep the eyes and lenses free from soap and other chemicals.



Another important advantage of contact lenses is that they offer a more complete correction of vision than glasses. Glasses only correct your vision when you are looking directly ahead, leaving the peripheral vision uncorrected. This can be very dangerous when driving or playing sports. Contact lenses are also available to correct unique vision problems such as astigmatism that cause distortion in the vision -again making activities such as driving safer.



The "hidden" nature of contacts also means you get a natural look that is far less obtrusive than glasses - something which you may find the most attractive feature of all.



Depending on your diagnosis, contact lenses may be the most convenient choice for you as age takes its toll on your sight. Providing complete vision correction that is safe, attractive and convenient, contact lenses offer you the freedom to enjoy your golden years to the fullest.



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