Easy ways to take the chore out of housework
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Easy ways to take the chore out of housework




Everyone finds at least one thing about housework annoying. They may love vacuuming but find ironing boring, or they may love ironing but then find that dusting and polishing is a complete headache. This situation is often thrown into sharp relief over the festive season, where many homes have descended into utter chaos. The Christmas decorations that will not fit back in the box they came out of and the need for extra storage space for all of the goodies loved ones bought for the children can all cause  housework headaches. The good news is that there are several ways to make housework much more enjoyable, which means the home can be spick and span in no time, leaving more opportunities for rest and relaxation.


Get organised                 


The first step is to draw up a plan. There is no point trying to tackle the whole job at once, as it will be too daunting and nothing will get done, except maybe sitting back to finish off that last bottle of wine. The wine bottle can be recycled and it is one less thing in the house, but it is not really a big help. What is helpful is making a schedule. Super-organised people may want to draw up a chart, while others might want to just make a note in their diary of the jobs for the following day. It is a list that can be used to check the progress of the work, and it really will help with motivation.


The next step is to get started. It sounds simple, but this is the bit that is not so easy for many people. Start small and do not try to tackle a really large job. Instead of deciding on a Monday to clean the whole living room and not knowing where to begin, it might be easier just to clear out any rubbish, vacuum the carpets or sweep the floors. The room looks clean and neat once again and will take less than 30 minutes of the day.


Add an element of fun


Play music while doing the housework. Use an MP3 player or have the radio on in the background. It will not feel so lonely while dusting and having a sing-a-long can help pass
the time.


If the bathroom or kitchen tiles are looking a little grubby and there is just nothing that will work on them, consider re-grouting. It is a quick and simple job that does not cost a lot to have done, and is even cheaper for the DIY enthusiast. Grout can now come in lots of colours, but white is perfect for a fresh clean look. No longer will there be a need to scrub the mildew off the tiles each time the bathroom is cleaned, which is a dreaded job at any time of the year. Less time and effort on this one job means more time to sort out the rest of the house.







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