Brain training games to test yourself
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Brain training games to test yourself




At all stages of life common knowledge has it that it is just as important to keep the mind active as it is to take regular physical exercise, and this is particularly important for persons reaching maturity. Stretching the brain is considered to be essential for good mental health, and many experts advocate the benefits of doing a daily crossword, Sudoku, or other puzzle to maintain the health of the little grey cells. Luckily nowadays - thanks in large part to ongoing technological developments - there is an amazing range of brain games and puzzles to choose from that are challenging as well as fun.


Brain training games

There are plenty of conventional games online that offer easy access and free to play entertainment. These include card games, such as solitaire and bridge, as well as chess and other board games - and many can be played against one or more 'real' players, or against the computer.


Increasingly, electronic games are being developed with the aim of providing cerebral stimuli and games for the Nintendo DS games console include a cluster that has been specifically geared towards brain training. Just like computers, of course, games consoles are frequently updated and owners often choose the option of selling DS games and older consoles when they want to upgrade.


Best games and apps for improving the memory


Since the original 'Brain Age' game was released for the Nintendo DS, brain training packages have been offered in all shapes and sizes, and are available for a variety of devices including as apps for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Games can help to improve spatial awareness, problem solving, attention, and reflexes and those that help to improve the memory are among the most popular.


One of the most common types of memory game is card-based - players are expected to find all the pairs in the pack. Cards are shown face down on the screen and the player turns up one at a time; if there is no match these cards are turned face down again in the same position as before. The idea is to stimulate memories of the pictures under each card and their position on the board so that should a matching card be found, the position of the original one is remembered. In the same way, looking at a picture or series of objects or numbers for a few seconds and remembering everything about it improves the ability to recall the details accurately.


Other benefits - how they work


The idea behind brain training games is that they stimulate the mind by presenting it with new situations and new information. Neuroscientists from the University of California have found that a computer program designed to improve brain fitness significantly improves language skills and memory in older people. These programs help to stimulate and maintain cognitive function, particularly in adults aged 60 years or over.


Tests have shown that adults in this age range benefit from an improvement in the overall functioning of their brain and that the effects may last for some months even after 'brain training' activity has ceased. Beyond this, certain websites now offer training courses for specified medical conditions, including cancer recovery, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


It would seem that there is a lot of truth in the old adage - use it or lose it.






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