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No, this is not the first line of a humorous song, this is a woeful lament from a senior citizen on the difficulty (nay, often inability) of opening containers.

On speaking to fellow seniors - of both sexes, may I add - we all appear to be in the same predicament.

We purchase a product we shall need, and when that need arises WE CANNOT REMOVE IT FROM ITS CONTAINER. Why do manufacturers think that as our age increases so does our strength? And looking at the very small printed instructions, why do they think that our eyesight also improves with age. How many of us have received a self-inflicted injury while trying to get to the contents of something we have purchased? Why do I often find that it is necessary to resort to garden secateurs when opening packages? I can sympathise with a widowed friend whose reply to well intentioned match making, was "I don't want a husband, I just want someone to open jars for me".

Here are a few situations with which we are all probably familiar.

Scenario 1.

You feel a headache coming on; you want to nip it in the bud. You find the tablets, but relief turns to frustration and anger as you cannot open the childproof container. You now have a full-blown 'thumper' of a headache. (You'll probably recoil in horror when I tell you my friend admitted that in a similar desperate situation she had to ask her granddaughter to open the childproof container for her).

Scenario 2.

You fancy a slice of toast with your favourite jam. You pop the bread into the toaster - you've mustered all your strength to open the new jar of delicious jam, but, yes, you've guessed it - you end up eating a slice of cold dry toast, because you couldn't get the top off the jar.

Scenario 3.

The good intention is there - you are going to give the bathroom a thorough clean.
You'll start with cleaning the toilet. Unfortunately, you cannot undo the top of the cleaner/bleach. You need to rest after wrestling with the container. Well the intention was there! So, unfortunately, is the unopened container!!

I have come to the inevitable conclusion, that if you can open your container of vitamins without help, then you don't need the contents, you're fit enough without them!

Finishing on a lighter note: After wrestling for years with various openers, I've at last found some that does the jobs without hardly any effort on my part.
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One Handed Tin Opener EZ Squeeze

Bottle Opener & Knob Turner
Bottle Opener & Knob Turner

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