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Boost rental viewings with Confused.com
Top tips on cracking the rental market

Landlords can Boost Rental Viewings with these Confused.com Tips

You can't let a property without getting viewings - here are some tips on attracting tenants

Is your rental property sitting empty whilst your buy-to-let mortgage is costing you cash? Have you tried and failed to get tenants into the property? If so, it's time to rethink how to get potential punters across the threshold.

Here's Confused.com's guide to boosting rental viewings.

Identify your property's USP

If you want to make your property stand out from the crowd you'll need to find its USP. Scouring the competition is one way to help identify it. What are other rental properties in your area lacking? Sky TV? A tumble dryer? Power shower? Broadband access? Set your property apart from the rest and shout about its defining feature from the rooftops - or at least from an estate agent's window.

It's also worthwhile finding out what rental properties are offering that you aren't - you don't want to get left behind. If it costs a bit to add some extra features, it could be worth it in the long run. If you're stumped for cash, you may want to consider a loan to help pay for any upgrades.

Letting Agents

Find out who your best local letting agent is and then get them to market the property. Find an agent that has a good website to increase the property's visibility. A good agent will also have plenty of tips on what you can do to make the place more rentable.

Alternatively, advertise the property online yourself. The DIY route will save you money on letting fees and you won't be restricted to how many property websites you can list with.

Advertise your property

If you follow the DIY route, you'll need a great advert and photos to best show off your home.

For the advert, use positive descriptive language to outline the features and benefits of your property. Words like attractive, spacious, immaculate and must-see will create the right impression. But only use them if they are true.

Make an effort to really sell the property in the ad, e.g. if you've got a box room that's big enough for a single bed, stick a bed in it and call it a bedroom - suddenly your one-bed flat is a two-bed flat, which is much more attractive.

For the photos, show the property in its best light by taking pictures on a sunny day. Also, don't snap that big crack running down the wall, identify some of the features and photograph them instead. Alternatively, fix that crack and then snap away to your heart's content!

If you're already advertising online, it's clearly not working so go back and spruce up that advert using the above tips.

And don't forget, you can also go 'old skool' by advertising on local notice boards and in local newspapers to further increase awareness of your 'property for rent'.

Kerb appeal

How does your property look from the outside? Estate agents call this "kerb appeal".

First impressions count, so don't deter prospective tenants by presenting them with piles of rubbish, flaky paintwork or overgrown hedges or grass - if you do, they may not get as far as the doorbell.

Sort out the garden, clear away unsightly mess, and give exterior walls and windowsills a fresh lick of paint. While you're at it, check that what's visible through the windows is equally appealing.

Maximise use of rooms

Rework the space and make the best use of furniture and lighting to get maximum impact from your property. Check out home makeover shows on TV, or print/online home improvement magazines for tips on how to achieve this. Above all, de-clutter your home and make sure it's immaculately presented at all times (just in case there's a short-notice viewing).

Once you have some viewings lined up, let them look around on their own. If any unsuccessful viewings are done through an agent, ask for feedback afterwards so you can work out what needs to be improved.

Apply for a grant to improve your home

Make your property more attractive by ensuring it's warm and energy-efficient. Grants are available to help with the cost of installing energy-saving heating and insulation.

The Government's Energy Saving Trust (EST) lists most of these grants on its website. This can help tenants make savings on their household utilities too.


Finally, why not see if you can better your existing buy-to-let mortgage by searching online for a cheaper mortgage deal. Finding a cheaper deal could maximise profit when renting and minimise loss while the property's vacant.





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