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Helping You Choose The Best Incontinence Products


In recent years there has been a great increase in the kind of incontinence products you can buy - both on the high street and online. The sensitive nature of the product mean that more and more people are choosing to but their incontinence products online, but this has one major drawback - you will no longer get the one on one advice from an experienced salesman or shop assistant. This article intends to give you an insight into the kinds of things you should look for when buying your incontinence products online, helping you choose more carefully before handing over your hard earned cash to an online dealer.


There are a number of things that you will want to keep in mind when purchasing your incontinence products, let's look through some of the most important considerations:


Price - If you are not used to using the Internet or are an infrequent user it is important to point out at the start that you should do your homework like you would if you were shopping in your local town centre. You will find that prices vary quite substantially online and it will definitely be worth investing time into searching around at least half a dozen sites. You will also find that some sites will provide more information about the incontinence products that they sell than others - obviously these sites will be of more use to you, especially if you are new to buying incontinence products.


Let us look at the incontinence products themselves and what you need to be considering when purchasing:


Leakage - Leakage is the sort of issue that you may struggle to gauge when shopping online, especially with the absence of a shop assistant. This is where the research comes in - look for sites that have customer reviews, look for sites that have detailed descriptions that accompany the product. Another trick to use is find the testimonials page and see what their customers are saying - if the full names and city of the customer are included it is a safe bet that the testimonials is real. Don't be afraid to locate the company email or telephone number and give them a call to ask about the leakage and how good their incontinence products. A good quality company will not mind this at all - a fly by night company will hate it, so you should steer clear of these. Make sure that you will be provided with fitting instructions for the products to help you fit them properly.


Quiet and Discreet - If you suffer from bladder problems then being discreet will paramount on your mind. Although shopping online for your incontinence products hides some of the embarrassments you will struggle to know how much noise the incontinence products will make. Make sure that the information or product description contains words like no noise and rustle free, quiet or discreet. When using Google to search for your incontinence products you can add these words to the description to help you find the most relevant products. You should look at the customer reviews to help you decide on the success of the products - and don't forget to refer to those testimonials. The nature of the problem requires for discreet incontinence products so look for words like slim, discreet and sensitive.


Comfort - Like my other two points you are only going to be able to gauge the comfort of a product through what other people are saying about it. Research is going to be your best friend when trying to locate the best incontinence products online.


General tips - Finding your incontinence products online is just as easy as it is to find them in the shops. I suggest you are cautious when shopping and only buy from websites that you feel are trustworthy. Never get pulled into buying bulk for discounts at the start. Buy a small sample first to see if you are happy with the product - if you are you can save yourself a lot of money by purchasing bulk online. If you have the time and patience you will probably be able to find companies that send out samples of their incontinence products - which is perfect if you want to be able to try out a few before committing to buying.


Wayne Barker is the copywriter for P & S Healthcare who specialise in adult incontinence products. P & S Healthcare also stock a wide variety of incontinence products for children. They have been manufacturing incontinence products and garments for over 25 years from Nottingham in the UK.

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