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Beauty tips -

Top tips and advice





Purpose: to remove dead top-skin scales and reveal a smooth silky foundation for your tan.
Exfoliate whole Body, paying particular attention to rough skin on heels, knees, elbows, etc.
Very gently exfoliate Face, but don�t exfoliate eye area, lips or nostril areas. (If you have a sensitive skin, then don�t exfoliate face).




Purpose: they help to determine the character of a face, ie over-plucked high arch will give a permanently surprised look, definitely to be avoided. Only pluck hairs from underneath eyebrow and across bridge of nose.



Purpose: as you talk, people�s eyes are drawn towards the mouth and teeth. Stained and yellow teeth are a definite no, no!

Use toothpaste marked �For whitening teeth�, or for a cheap, quick, efficient cleaning, use Bicarbonate of Soda on your toothbrush.



Purpose: you are aiming for a glossy, healthy looking �crowning glory�.
If you have time (and, of course, have the money) invest in a cut/trim, but we advise against having the modern straight frayed-end cut, as it will only add to the �frayed around the edges look�. Instead opt for a blunt-edge cut and SHAMPOO (volumising), CONDITION, TOWEL DRY, AND THEN ADD VOLUMISING MOUSE TO THE HAIR NEAR THE SCALP IN ORDER TO GIVE A LIFT TO WHERE IT IS NEEDED. If your hair needs a colour lift then use a Shader Shampoo instead of your normal shampoo.

Aim for a healthy looking shine. If it not naturally there then add it from the many products on the market, hair serums, glossers, frizz controllers, etc.

NB. Rollers are not just reserved for Grannies. (Did you notice that the recent famous bride of the famous footballer, prior to her 5 million pound wedding, was photographed with her hair in large rollers). So a few hours before your date, wrap sections of damp hair around large rollers - long hair can fall in loose curls and short hair can gain a lift where it is needed - AT NO COST.



Purpose: you are aiming for a sheer veil of pale golden tan rather than the solid �terracotta� look.
Preferably using thin latex/plastic gloves - Apply self-tanning lotion all over body. We would advise using a �holiday-skin sun look� product, as the skin will take on a healthy, light, sun-kissed look - added applications will gradually increase the tan.
Face, including neck and cleavage. As an alternative to the above method, try mixing an equal amount of self-tanning cream with an equal amount of your usual face cream, and the result will be a healthy looking complexion. (Avoid getting any in your brows or hairline).



priority over fashion).


As you want to look taller, slimmer and with a �classy� look, we would suggest something along the lines of a wrap-around dress (which luckily is very fashionable this year), in one colour, which will give the illusion of slimness and height; also the crossover neckline will form an attractive vee, and show off the tanned cleavage. (Vee necks also add to the illusion of height). Top off the look with a long necklace which will add to the long, unbroken silhouette. (A choker necklace will have the opposite effect).

FOOTWEAR. Your footwear should compliment the clothes, ie a lightweight dress requires a lightweight shoe/sandal.
Remember, a 3� heel will have the visual effect of losing half a stone.

The platform on this year�s fashion shoes/sandals will also add height

UNDERWEAR. What you wear under your chosen garment is of equal importance, if not more so, as to what you wear on top, as this determines how the garment hangs.

1. Wear a well fitting bra which LIFTS and separates and gives you a firm cleavage. 2. Don�t despair if there�s extra flab where it shouldn�t be - do what the stars do and wear the �magic knickers�. Some are designed to reach right up to the bra to ensure a smooth outline over the whole body.




Decide whether your own, with treatment, will suffice, or will you have to affix artificial ones in order to feel confident?

As you are looking after two toddlers, I doubt that you�re the proud possessor of long business-like talons, so just gently file them into a slightly rounded shape and paint with pale varnish. Don�t draw attention to short, stubby nails by painting them with a dark colour or a bright red just because it�s fashionable. (Also never cut the skin around the nail bed, just ease the skin back while it is still soft after being in water).
If your nails are in a really bad state, then stick on some artificial ones,
shape to compliment your fingers, and varnish to taste.



This, together with knowledge and application, can turn you into a raving beauty, or with the incorrect application can do the opposite.

Cleanse the face with lotion, using an upward circular motion.

Dip pad of cotton wool into warm water, squeeze, and remove all traces of lotion. Dip a clean pad of cotton wool into cold water, squeeze, add toning lotion to pad and dab all over face, avoiding eye area, in order to close pores.
Apply base cream/lotion over clean face and neck.

Apply eye contour gel/cream around eye area.


As with the Body info above, you are emphasizing your good features and drawing attention away from what you consider bad. (more on this later).

Meanwhile, here is a make-up which will take all of
10 minutes.

Tinted Foundation: Choose one that gives a natural sheen of colour to the skin; match the shade of your skin by testing a sample along your jaw line - the colour difference should not be noticeable.
An amount the size of your ring fingernail will cover your whole face, blended in well below your jaw line. (The base cream will aid the gliding over the skin and avoid any patchiness).

LIPS: Outline lips with sharp lip pencil. Apply lipstick and blot with tissue.
Apply lip gloss.

CHEEKS: Smile, and where you see the fullness of the cheek along the cheek bone, apply blusher of the same shade as lipstick, and blend upwards towards the hairline nearest the eye. (Advice from other quarters may be to apply a darker shade of blusher under cheek to give an interesting high cheekbone and hollows, but you want to achieve a brightness near the eyes and an �alive and healthy� look).
Tip: If you are short on blusher, then use lipstick - 3 dots along each cheekbone blended in with an upward and outward motion will give you a healthy glow.

EYES: Choose eye shadow colour to compliment colour of eyes.

However, the following colours should suite most eyes. Apply taupe eye shadow to the complete upper lid; draw fine line next to lashes with fine soft grey eye liner; apply fine veil of silver grey eye shadow to lid.
Apply coat of charcoal mascara.

To �open up� eyes, apply light touch of white shadow under eyebrow on brow line.

To minimize any dark circles under eyes, apply very lightly, a paler light reflecting tinted cream over shadows.

Apply 2nd coat of mascara.





Remove rollers and style

If hair colour needs more definition then spray fine sections of hair with colour highlights.

If it lacks shine then smooth on serum or spray with glosser and finish with light hairspray.



So in your complete outfit, complimented by this year�s favourite accessory, the small clutch bag , stand in front of your full length mirror and view the new girl. Pleased? Satisfied? Then smile, shoulders back, quick spray of your favourite perfume, close the door on that Cinderella/harassed housewife, and PRINCESS . . . YOU�RE READY TO PARTY! . . .





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