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"The Biggest Boost for Overall Health and Wellbeing ... Ever!"


This article is going to tell you how you can... * Improve the
quality of your life. * Increase your energy levels. * Protect
yourself against viruses, flu's and colds. * Reduce the
likelihood of getting cancer. * Reduce the possibility of a
heart attack or stroke! * Slow down your aging. There are three
positive steps that you must take to achieve these things. One
is to examine your lifestyle, another is your diet and the third
is to implement a professional supplementation regime. I won't
address lifestyle and diet at the moment as I have already
touched on this in our special report on weight loss.

I would suggest you read it even if you are not overweight. You
can get it for free from the special reports page on our website
at ... http://www.InstantEnergyBoost.com. What I will do is
examine the issue of supplementation! This is a much more
important subject than most people realize. If you do not
supplement, then you can almost guarantee that your body is
deficient in certain nutrients. The only people who are exempt
from this statement are those who may be living in an area with
pure air, grow their own organic vegetables and fruit in good
quality soil uncontaminated by pesticides and herbicides, raise
their own livestock on grass, get plenty of sleep and are free
from stress! (Not many people around in this position)

You can get all your nutrients from fruit and vegetables ...

OK, I know that some 'authorities' say that you can get all your
essential nutrients from 5 or 6 servings a day of fruit and
vegetables. This is nonsense, because this is not possible for
most people even if they do eat that many servings. The so
called 'fresh' foods that you buy at the supermarket today only
contain a fraction of the nutrients they once did.

This is due to mass production farming practices, storage
protocols, picking before being ripe and so on. Read the
newsletter I wrote back on the 21st August 2001. The facts will
shock you! You can find this article by going to the newsletter
page on the website and looking under the archives. A free
subscription to our newsletter, Xtend-Your-Life, is available at
.. http://www.InstantEnergyBoost.com. You may ask yourself, why
do the 'authorities' suggest that you can get all the nutrients
that you need from the food that you eat if this is not true? I
certainly ask myself this question! I keep coming back to the
same answer... many of the 'sources' from where some of these
'authorities' draw their information have a vested interest in
the 'health care business' which is a misnomer for the 'sick'
business! Did you know that there are more people employed in
the cancer industry than those who actually have cancer? Pretty
sad, given that the greatest majority of cancer is avoidable!

Why are there more sick people today?

If these 'authorities' assertions were correct then how come
there are more sick people in the 'civilized' world today than
there was a 100 years ago? Oh, you may answer, this is because
people live longer! True... and false... because they don't live
much longer even though the statistics say so. But, these
statistics are a gross distortion.

They are distorted because they are based on averages and the
average life expectancy many decades ago was artificially low
due to high infant mortality rates that don't apply any more. I
devoted an issue on this subject back on the 2nd April of last
year. Have a look at it and you will see what I mean. Just
reflect on this for a moment! Ask your parents or your
grandparents what age their parents, grandparents and great
grandparents died? You may be surprised that they lived longer
than what you may have thought, and they did so without the help
of pharmaceutical drugs, without hospitals and suffered less
from 'elderly' diseases such as Alzheimer's that are so common

This is because they were not subject to the environmental
hazards that we are all faced with today and further, their food
was wholesome and didn't come out of a packet full of empty
calories. Because of modern living we have no choice, whether we
like it or not but to supplement if we seriously wish to avoid
the diseases that are rampant in our community and are projected
to get a lot worse. Therefore, if you are like the majority of
people and consider supplementation as a desirable but low
priority I sincerely believe that you should reconsider your
priorities. The reason why most people do not supplement is
either they don't believe in it (in which case they are deluding
themselves) or, they have more 'important' things on which to
spend their money. But... are they saving money when they apply
money which they could allocate to their supplementation program
to perhaps a bigger house mortgage or a new car?

Ironically no, because if you ignore your biggest asset...
YOU... and your subsequent earning ability is affected through
ill health then what you would have spent in quality
supplementation pales in significance. Quality supplementation
is the cheapest self insurance program you can implement.
Hopefully, I have made my point on the principles behind
supplementation. I urge you to consider a professional health
supplement that uses only the best ingredients ... and in the
correct ratios and quantities.

About the author:
Mr. Matthews is the Chairman of Xtend Life Natural Products,
manufacturer of Total Balance, an anti aging supplement
containing 85 ingredients and desigend to be the foundation of
your supplement regimen. Total Balance is manufactured using the
guidelines outlined in this article and features a unique
enteric coating. This coating allows your body to absorb
virtually 100% of it's 85 ingredients.

Total Balance can be found at...




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