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Looking Back...

Why is it that many of us have so much trouble finding joy in
our lives? Often, we tend to live in the future, or conversely,
the past, but not in the present. We make elaborate plans for
our holidays or our retirement, but what about enjoying the
moment? Smelling the fragrance of flowers, the pleasure of a
walk in warm brilliant sunshine, listening to sounds of rain
lightly tapping on a window pane are all ways to commune with
elements of nature.

Each of us can appreciate the special beauty of nature. It has
the power to stir something magical in the soul. Finding the
spirit within renews the soul. The way to discover spirit is by
getting quiet and silencing all the chatter around and within
us. Meditation can be a helpful tool for experiencing that
internal quiet. A clear mind thinks more effectively and
appreciates more completely.

Frequently, we want to share these special moments with family
and friends. Good times always seem better when shared with
people we care about. It's nice to be able to capture the
moment, in a photograph or a descriptive note. How comforting to
look back with fondness at the experiences we've had, and the
people who have made them so special.

Life is made up of these experiences and unique connections, and
our perceptions and thoughts have a lot to do with the quality
of our memories. Friends can spend an afternoon together and yet
come away with different feelings about that time. Each brings
his own experiences to each event, and future events can only be
viewed in terms of the feelings developed in the past. Like a
bridge, the previous one shapes each current moment. Building
one on another, they mold into shaping the uniqueness of each

We remember the special qualities of our family members and our
friends - the quirkiness, the charm, the brilliance, and all the
things that draw us to them. Each, in their own way, has
something to contribute to enhance our lives and make them
better. We only need to look back and shape our present with
positive thoughts from the past.

About the author:
Rosalyn Bronstein, for more than 20 years an author and
consultant, has been an advisor to numerous multinational
corporations and international organizations. Understanding the
value of maintaining relationships, www.ntouchnrat.com was
created. It's a unique and secure way to never lose touch again
with the people who have brought meaning to your life without
having to use e-mail.




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