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Rules to live life by....

How often have we heard ourselves complaining about how unlucky
we are in life or how things are just not working out right for
us. However, what we so easily forget is that at some time
before in lives, luck has favoured us. But it is human nature
whereby we remember only what didn’t work for us but easily
forget the things that happened in our favour. There are several
things in life that we must cherish and be thankful to God for.
One important thing that we must do is make a list of all the
good things that have happened to us or all the blessings we
have got and refer to that list whenever we feel upset or
uncared for. Actually this is the same logic, which we use when
we read old love letters because they remind us of happy times
and cherished memories. Here is a list of ten quotations and how
we can interpret these to lead a happier life.

1) Cry a river;build a bridge; get over it. Let go of past failures, sadness
and people whom we remember but who no longer care for us. This
sounds so easy but its easier said than done. We all have gone
through our share of heartaches and sadness. But when we
constantly remember the pain and suffering we had endured, we
are allowing that sadness to gain an upper hand over us. What we
must realize is that what has happened, has happened. Its over
and done with. People change and times change. Moving on in life
is very but it’s the first constructive step to a better you.

2)Everything happens in its own time. There are things that we do
and expect to be rewarded for which does not happen. In offices
there might be a promotion that we might have wanted, a high
percentage of marks in a test or a job offer that we were sure
that was to be given to us etc that never worked out. At such
times we lose perspective and blame our luck and become
despondent. We need to realize that there is a time for
everything that happens in our lives. And when the appropriate
time comes, things will start working the way they were supposed
to work.

3) You are the only person who can make yourself happy.
Think of your happiness too and be kind to yourself. In life all
of us have goals and ambitions. But in the pursuit of those
goals we lose sight of the bigger picture that we are doing all
that to make ourselves happy. This is seen especially in the
case of mothers who are doing so many things for their kids and
family that they don’t remember as to when was the last time
they did something for their own happiness. It happens to all of
us. Be more gentle on yourself. Make yourself happy and that can
be done in so many ways. Treat yourself to some ice cream, buy a
book that you were dying to read, spend a day lolling in the bed
and doing nothing. We deserve it and so do our bodies.

4)Laughter is the best tranquilizer with no side effects. Laugh
each and every day of your life. Humorous situations happen to
us every single day. Whether you choose to enjoy the moment or
not is your decision. There are so many excuses in our
day-to-day life to have a good laugh. All we need to do is just
look at the lighter side of life and enjoy the moment. When you
laugh don’t think whether people are watching you or how much
you laugh. It’s their problem that they cannot find the humor in
the situation that you have found.

5) Happiness is a journey not
a destination. As we make our journey through life we have so
many things to savour and experience. There is no such thing as
instant happiness or happiness that can be found somewhere. Live
your life each day, as you would climb a mountain. An occasional
glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many
beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.

6) Do today what others wont so you can live tomorrow like
others can’t. So many times we are faced with duties and work
that we are not happy doing or performing. In those times
instead of hating or shirking from that work we can try and make
use of thought that somehow whatever we doing will prove
beneficial to us one day or the other. Maybe the results won’t
be seen tomorrow but surely we will benefit because we did
something that no one was willing to do. An example would be the
people who started companies, which are million dollar
establishments today. They dared to venture and put their money
in something that their colleagues would not have been willing
to do and today their work is paying off rich dividends.

7) It is never too late to be what you might have become.
There are several factors that cause us to land up doing the work we do.
Many of us at some point of time or the other would have
definitely wanted to make a career change and thought that its
too late to do it. But the truth is its never too late. We can
start doing whatever we want to do because its your life and
your decisions. In the U.S, there are people who attend college
in their late 60's and 70's because they always wanted to do it.
Such people are the ones who believe in this adage.

8) Treasure the love you receive, it will survive long after your gold and
good health have vanished. We always cherish our material
possessions more. Life takes a lot from all of us. Today we
might have good health, family love and a good home to go back
to. What we forget is that there are some many calamities that
can take away all our comforts but love is something that can
never be taken away. We need to be more demonstrative of our
love towards others and treat our loved ones with more kindness
and affection.

9) The journey of a thousand miles starts with a
single step. Any huge task that needs to be done seems very
daunting at first. But if we analyze the task carefully and do
it step by step we will find that things get resolved very
quickly and easily. But we need to be bold enough to take the
first small step. Once that is done we just need to proceed with
small steps towards our goal.

10) Always have: something to do,
something to love, something to hope for. These three things are
something that will keep the flame burning within all of us.
Something to do will keep us busy, something to love will keep
us motivated and something to hope for will take us faster
towards our goal.





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