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"Skin Beauty... Do Antiaging Creams Really Turn Back the Clock?"


If you believe the television advertisements for skin care
products, then, your answer would be a definite yes. These TV
commercials suggest that if you use this or that product that
you too can have a flawless and beautiful complexion and, by
subtle inference be happy. But, is this reality or an illusion?
It's a combination of both a partial reality and illusions. With
the majority of skin products it is definitely an illusion as
most women over thirty would attest to. Many products can
certainly make your skin look better at the time of application
but the real test is when all the make up is washed off.


Generally the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and sagging of
skin still remain! Having said that, there are however a few
natural products that will help with firming up the skin and
reducing fine lines and blemishes but you have to accept that
there are limitations to what they can do on their own. More
about this later in the article! So, what is the answer...
plastic surgery? Many people obviously think that it is, given
the booming cosmetic plastic surgery industry. But is it? In my
opinion definitely not! I have met quite a number of people that
have had plastic surgery and I have not been impressed.


I remember just a few years ago meeting up with some old friends
from St Louis for dinner in Palm Beach Florida.


My friends who were in their late 70's brought along a friend
who would have been in her early 60's. It was apparent that this
friend had had a number of plastic surgery procedures on her
face and not all of them were successful. I remember thinking at
the time that she would have looked better without them. Of
course that is not always the case. Some people get really good
results, but they are very much dependent upon the skill of the
surgeon. So, the risks are high. So, what causes skin to age
which results in sagging, wrinkles and blemishes?


If you want to maintain clear, healthy, and firm skin into old
age you need to know this. So ... here is the brief version ...
FREE RADICALS. That's it in a nutshell.


I am sure that you have heard about free radicals and you may
even know exactly what they are, but nonetheless I will give you
a quick briefing about them. Even though free radicals age our
bodies and skin they are a natural and essential part of life.
They are everywhere, inside our body and out. They are more
concentrated in the cities or anywhere there is any form of
environmental pollution. Sunlight also creates free radicals.


It is possible to see the effect of them quite dramatically when
you cut an apple open and leave it exposed to the air. The parts
without the skin quickly go brown. This is because it is being
attacked by these free radicals. If they were not there then
nothing would decompose and the whole planet would be a massive
garbage dump. So, what exactly are they? They are oxygen
molecules that have lost an electron through interaction with
other molecules. As with everything in nature an effort is made
(in this case the molecule) to heal itself!


There is only one way it can do this... and that is by stealing
an electron from another healthy molecule. So, it rushes around
like a thief until it can find one!


When it does and it steals the electron, what happens?


You guessed it... another free radical is created and in the
process cells where the 'thief' has entered are damaged. There
is no 'security system' that can shut free radicals out. They
surround you, they enter your body with each breath you take.
The greater your intake of air the higher exposure that you have
to free radicals. Ever wondered why long distance runners look
older than their years, particularly their face?


They inhale more air than most other people and with it more
free radicals. They therefore age faster if they don't
counteract the effect of the free radicals. Everyone who
exercises should be aware of this. The good news is that this is
not a problem if the appropriate measures are taken... more info
soon. Anyway, back to your skin. It needs good healthy Collagen
(which is a protein). This Collagen gives your skin its
suppleness and tautness. However it is constantly bombarded with
free radicals that damage the cells by the cross linking of
molecules. When this occurs the collagen molecules can no longer
smoothly slide over one another. They instead become rough which
impacts directly on the appearance of your skin. Because
collagen stays in the skin for many years it is continually
subjected to this free radical damage and the effects are
cumulative. If you could stop the actions of these free radicals
you could stop the aging process. This applies not only to your
skin but to your entire body. But, it simply is not possible to
achieve a 100% success rate. However, you can reduce the impact
of these free radicals to a measurable degree.


This is through the use of a series of compounds known as
anti-oxidants. I am sure that you have heard of these but you
may be unsure exactly what they do? In simple terms they donate
spare electrons to the free radicals to 'heal' the damaged
molecule. There are many different forms of anti-oxidants
available ... some natural some synthetic. Some really potent,
some quite weak. For example Vitamin C is an antioxidant which
is relatively weak. On the other hand Alpha Lipoic acid is a
relatively potent one being about 400 times more powerful than
most Vitamin C's. Other antioxidants are even more powerful than
Alpha Lipoic acid, and so on it goes.


So, how does this apply to your skin and what should you do to
protect it?


Simple. When you are reviewing various crèmes and lotions to
apply to your face select those ones which are natural, don't
have any harsh chemicals that are likely to cause inflammation
(free radicals love inflammation) and make sure they have
natural antioxidants in them, for example, alpha lipoic acid,
vitamin C esters (fat soluble type), DMAE etc. BUT... and this
is an important but, if you are serious about your skin health
take heed of the old saying 'Beauty comes from within'. Although
this term is intended to relate to an individuals mental
attitude it also applies in a physical sense. The health of your
skin and thus the appearance of it is directly related to your
internal health.


If you have free radicals rampant in your body, then putting all
the expensive antioxidant crèmes on your face will only do a
part of the job. Nourishing your skin from the inside out is
much more rewarding and effective than any topical application.
Don't forget about your internal health ... your skin is an
organ and it needs to be properly supported internally.


About the author:
Warren is the editor of XTEND-YOUR-LIFE, a bi-monthly Newsletter
aimed at helping you live a healthier life. He is also the
Chairman of Xtend Life Natural Products, manufacturer of anti
aging and immune support products. All products are certified
true to label, manufactured under pharmaceutical grade
conditions, and come with a 100% unconditional money back

To read more about Xtend Life, visit us at ....





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