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Staying Physically Healthy and Fighting Signs of Aging more



Latest Anti-Aging/Longevity News - Click here

Wrinkle and Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin is the first telltale sign of getting old. Starting today, get the facts about aging and what you can do to forestall. Click here to enquire


Home Is Where The Heart Is more




Extended life pill: 'Miracle supplement' promises to fight the signs of ageing more



Forever young' drug that lets you grow old gracefully. more



Want to live to 100? How seven simple lifestyle steps could help you get there - free from disease. more


'We can live to 150 and stay healthy': Professor says first 'wonder drugs' could be ready this decade.



Anti-Aging Solutions: How Far Would You Go? more


Why we are on the cusp of an amazing science-fiction-like revolution in longevity -100 + life forecast. more


We've frozen time! Read how these women defied ageing? more

How we got to 90

There are more centenarians then ever, according to new estimates. But those who turn 100 must first make it into their 90s - a landmark age that was all but unimaginable when they were born. more

Staying Young And Living Long

Today's baby boomers and seniors are a proactive generation - they want to live longer and feel and look younger. more

Yoga for Seniors - Using Yoga to Reverse Aging

Yoga has become quite a popular exercise for people of all ages, but especially for the seniors. Yoga exercise for elderly people can help reverse the aging process and provide a wide range of positive benefits even if practiced on a moderate basis. more

Antiaging: Is it really possible?

Although it is obviously not possible to turn the clock back entirely, we can take many steps now to ensure that not only do we slow down the aging process, but we can also reverse many of the signs of aging that we may presently be experiencing. more

Growing Old Gracefully

Today the average duration of human life in the United States is just about 70 years for women and a little less for men. Conservative experts believe that man is really built to last about 100 years; more


What makes us age?

It's vital that we find ways to slow or prevent conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis and arthritis, which make life a misery for so many older people. Here we look at how and why we age. more...

Grandmothers don't feel their age

Today grannies see lots of their grandchildren
Modern grandmothers are in no mood to slow down and admit they are getting long in the tooth, research shows.

Boomers Can Be Ageless

The American way of aging, still steeped in stultifying tradition and conventional wisdom of a bygone era, is changing. more...

Aging What Can We Do About It?

We all want to live a healthy, active life well into our later
years. Science has come up with a lot of helpful information to
help us live longer and have a more quality life. more...

Your life-cycle
You started life as a cell, smaller than a pin-prick. This divided into two, then four, then eight - and so on. Your whole body is now made up of about a 100 million million cells: just one teaspoon of your blood contains about 25 billion red blood cells. more...

The world is fast ageing - have we noticed?

In all countries, and in developing countries in particular, measures to help older people remain healthy and active are a necessity, not a luxury. more...

Scientists probe anti-ageing gene

Scientists in the United States have discovered a gene that can keep mice alive for 30% longer than normal. more...

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