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A 1950's childhood

Testimony Films, a well known television company is making a series for ITV West about people's memories of the West Country as children. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you were a child in the 1950's and can remember the mood of optimism with the war at an end? Did you get to visit the seaside for the first time? Maybe you have memories of cars, toys, and an easier life in the home? Or did you join the teddy boys as a teenager?

If you have great memories of the 1950's post war period and live in the West
Country we would love to hear from you. Contact Lisa at Testimony Films, 12
Great George Street, Bristol BS1 5RH (0117) 925 8589 email

Testimony Films has made many acclaimed oral history documentaries, including 'A Pocketful of Posies' (BBC2), 'Call of the Sea' (BBC2), 'Green & Pleasant Land' (C4), 'Some Liked It Hot - the British on holiday' (ITV1), and for ITV in the West, 'The West at War' and 'Hope and Glory'.

Useful resources for 1950s childhood research


WW2 The People's War
A growing archive of wartime memories
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1950's childhood

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